The 2nd Annual Timbuck2 Forever - Event Recap

Tuesday night felt like a family reunion, if you were ever on the scene during TImbuck2’s you were there.  Seeing people, you haven’t seen in years, the fine girls who just dance by the DJ booth, the bottle poppers, the couch standers, the lawyers, the doctors, the dudes who look like they just left the trap house, the hip-hop heads, they were all there throwing their 2’s in the air for Tim. 

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Ahh yes! The holiday season is here! The time of year where we celebrate Christ birth, gathering with family and exchange gifts. Ohhh the gifts we will get! TVs, PlayStation, X boxes, clothes and shoes. Speaking of shoes, I'm sure there will be people buying Jordan's that come out every year around this time. Which reminds me of another tradition!

When people get to counting other people's money. 

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Survival of The Illest

Street life was regular to me because I had never seen anything else. Hell, from 93-95 my house was the trap house. Remember to this day my uncle counting twenty-five stacks on a pissy bunk bed mattress in my Aunt's crib. Even riding with him to do "pickups." Drug money paid for all my school field trips, every pair of Deion Sanders and even my cold ass Sonic The Hedgehog trapper keeper!

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