Dear Kanye, Come Home.

Dear Kanye West,

Come Home.

Chicago seems like a small town, if you’re black you are literally two degrees of separation from black people on your side of town.  Kanye West is from the south side and I am too.  When his meteoric rise began and the people in New York couldn’t spell his name right in the album credits (Produced by: Kane West) we were pissed in Chicago.  “His name is Con-Yay, people gotta respect my boy” one of my friends once said while playing a Kanye mixtape in my 1993 Grand Prix.  When “Through the Wire” dropped in September 2003, you could literally hear it out of every car on the South and West sides of Chicago.  The authenticity of it, the Chicago in it, the video that paid homage to the city made Kanye our hero. Before he was Yeezus, Yeezy or even the Louis Vuitton Don, he was ours.  He was Chicago’s son, the guy that used to work in Evergreen Plaza, who produced for everybody who was on the rise; most importantly he was Donda’s son. 

Fast Forward to November 2016.  The rants, the cancelled concerts, the police involvement and now Kanye is hospitalized.  He’s praised Trump, he said racism is here to stay, fans have burned his merchandise and refunds are being demanded (and rightfully so).  According to his most recent rant mentor, friend and proclaimed big brother Jay Z, still hasn’t called him.  The Beyhive has turned against him and now, every move Kanye has made is being held under a microscope.  But I can care less about all of that, I just want him to come home. 

One thing we all can agree on, including Kanye, is that Kanye is not well right now.  We don’t know if that’s spiritually, mentally or physically but we know it.  We can sense it, we can feel it and that is why I want him to simply come home.  We need Kanye and Kanye needs us.  See Chicago is a city that protects its own, you cannot speak ill of Michael Jordan here, you cannot speak ill of Walter Payton, you cannot speak ill of Oprah, the Obama’s or anyone else we call our own and to put into simple terms “we ain’t going.”  I want Kanye to be here because he can be surrounded by love.  People that will protect him from the city of big shoulders. We love this brother, and rightfully so some of us feel that we need to hold him accountable for things he has said and there will be a time for that, but it’s not now. 

Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is filled with stars, the rich and famous, but Chicago is not.  Oprah’s gone, MJ too, the Obama’s are staying in DC, we need a star, we need a representative and our brother needs our love and protection.  There is no paparazzi here, no TMZ and the tactics they use to harass people won’t be tolerated.  Any company Kanye works with will send resources here to work with you.  Rahm will get you whatever space you need to create, we have some closed schools we can revamp.  And don’t worry about the weather, cold weather makes for better fashion choices and you love furs.  Give North & Saint some snow this Christmas.

This may be selfish but the city needs you more than you need us.  The youth of our city needs to see a hero up close, like they did when Derrick Rose was MVP.  We have Chance the Rapper and while he is working his way towards icon status, you are already there.  Chance is doing great things on a national and local level but with your presence, the efforts will be taken global.  It will be the partnership of a new artist and king of a genre that hip-hop has never seen.  And if this can happen locally in Chicago, maybe the trickle-down effect can be felt all over the city and stretch to our communities. 

Since you debuted on the scene, you were our Ultralight Beam and we want that magic back, but most of all we want to see you well.  You are too great of a force and too powerful of a person for us not to help you.  MTV Awards are cool, but you can come back and be the MVP of the city, your home city.  Get well brother Kanye and come home because our city needs some healing too.