Ahh yes! The holiday season is here! The time of year where we celebrate Christ birth, gathering with family and exchange gifts. Ohhh the gifts we will get! TVs, PlayStation, X boxes, clothes and shoes. Speaking of shoes, I'm sure there will be people buying Jordan's that come out every year around this time. Which reminds me of another tradition!

When people get to counting other people's money. 

This phenomenon picks up steam every year around this time as people on social media pick the Christmas Jordan release to comment on how they don't understand how people can spend $200 on Jordan gym shoes but don't have a mansion. Then they go on self-serving rants on how "other races" don't buy "fancy" things and that we as black people do too much. 

Allow me to help you all with this tradition this year. 


Why are we the only race that hates to see each other have nice things?! You know how hard it is to be black in America?! You know how much stress it is to go to work, deal with shit there, drive home, hope not to be pulled over by the police and have a positive interaction and then go home and turn TV on just to realize that trump being president elect is STILL not a practical joke?! IT IS SCRESSFUL BRUH. Let your people enjoy nice things! We have the right to enjoy nice things no matter where we at in life. 

It's rude, it's condescending and it's actually quite fuck boyish of people to sit there and count other people pockets on how they spend their money. Unless someone owes you cash or they related to you and it's taking food off your little cousin mouth, find you some business. As the great east coast poet Jay Z once said "what you eat don't make me shit". 

So, everyone, enjoy the holiday and keep your eyes in your own wallet.