Unapologetically Black

"We had to learn that we're beautiful. We had to relearn something forcefully taken from us. We had to learn about Black power. People have power if we unite." Assata Shakur

So. I'm laying here staring at my ceiling and getting all kinds of confirmation on why and what to blog about. A celebration of being a black person. Unapologetically.

 For like the last two weeks all my motivation and drive have come from black women. Strong black women! Whether it's talking with my boss at work, my mother or just seeing women in different spaces mastering their crafts. I love to see how my black women are maneuvering in the world right now. Every day I see small victories up and down my Facebook timeline of women moving in the right direction. Finishing school, getting promotions, acquiring new wealth, and still being great mothers as well!

 All that to say this. I just seen a flashback of Beyoncé performance from last year's Super Bowl. The Black Panther costumes and then doing formation! Had white America throwing hissy fits like their local food market ran out of boxes of wine! That symbolizes black power to me. Doing something positive that frightens the masses. 

 So, in these crazy times where Trump is signing executive orders like autographs at a NRA meeting in Wyoming let's do something positive that frighten the masses. Let's not give up because y'all favorite uncle Barry has a new place of residence. Let's continue to shake the world up stay unapologetically black!

With the utmost pride and sincerity,