Dear Rahm Emmanuel

Shut yo goofy ass up! 

In case you missed it yesterday, our wonderful incompetent mayor was back in the news yesterday with announcing another idea that he apparently came up with by himself while eating a Portillo's hot dog in his living room. The mayor and his office announced a proposal for an additional checklist item for graduating seniors. This item would be proof of a plan after graduation, in the form of college acceptance letter, military enrollment, trade school, gap year program, or a job/job offer. The goal of this, according to the mayor, is to get students to stop seeing high school graduation as an ending and to consider what's next. 

*sighs heavily, rolls eyes, clears throat* 

In the words of Heathcliff Huxtable when he yelled at Theo: 


Besides the immediate question of "hey, is this even legal before I jump in front of a mic and say this dumb shit" let's look at this from a common sense point of view. This is already a duplication of efforts it since CPS graduates are already automatically accepted into the city colleges. So you are trying to enhance something that is already in place, creating additional work for a city college system that is already understaffed. Then let's look at the "this gives the kids a plan after high school" people. What plan are we giving them exactly? Why are we waiting until their senior year to give them help with planning for adulthood? Where are the announcements for programs at earlier ages? Where are the classes about credit scores in high schools? About balancing your household budgets? About the importance of knowing what student loans to take out when you get to college? You know how many of my friends didn't know a thing about student loans but were the ones responsible for signing off on papers because shit had to get done? Where are all the programs that should be in place before the "add more bullshit paperwork before you graduate"? 

These kids have been to school and survived the streets and crazy home conditions in some cases to be alive for their high school graduation. Who are we, after they have fulfilled the initial requirements, to say "not so fast, what you gonna do with that diploma"? Does your boss ask you what you gonna do after your direct deposit hits? Does your ex-spouse ask you what you gonna do after you all sign divorce papers? HELL NO. So why are we making up this Johnny come lately ass rule? 

If you want to know what the future holds for our kids, invest more in their present. Period.