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Letters Week:  A Letter to My Father by Naamonde Williams

Naamonde Williams just published her first book of poetry: Thoughts Along the Journey.: Poems of Discovery.  In this edition of Letters Week, she provides a letter to her father with a complex theme of escape.  Escape is never cut and dry, it is often necessary and a cause a pain at the same time.  Naamonde's letter takes us on such a journey.  

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Letters Week: Dear Deja by Leslie Compton

Letters Week continues with our from former guest Leslie Compton as she writes a letter to her coming of age daughter, Deja, as she starts high school.  The bond between mother/daughter is often overlooked in a world of where mama's boys and daddy's girls are prevalent.  Here Lez pens a heartfelt letter to let Deja know how much she has added to her life and why she will always be her life saver.  

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A Letter to My Future by Shannon Martin

If you've ever heard Shannon Martin talk, you'd know she was gifted with the pen.  Her thoughts process is on another wave and so is her writing.  She constantly lives in the margin of life, that few are built to survive, yet alone thrive as she has.  She personifies the blend of fighter and lover and everyone she communicates with is left with a lifted spirit.  For this letter, I asked Shannon to write a letter to the man she will spend the rest of her life with and she delivered some awe inspiring truth.  

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