All Leftovers Aren't Good Reheated

"This block is mine I don't need these niggas playing with my h*es... I don't f*cked the whole block already!"

              - Ronald "Baby" Williams. 2000.


My spiritual adviser Baby told me over 16 years ago just don't allow any kind of foolishness with your women. Once you "touched" them they are yours forever. And with these wise words from a decent man I been living my life this way since then. So, this brings about the subject of "the guys" running backwards messing with one’s old work. I'm going to touch on fella’s egos, enabling women, and the downright disrespect of trying to become Eskimo brothers with one of your guys!

I'll start this by looking in the mirror at myself. Am I guilty at attempting or actually going behind one of the guys and messing with an old chick of theirs? Yes, I am. I still got demons I need exorcised; the good lord is working on me. I am selfish and I also think I'm God's gift to women! Knowing damn well I ain't nowhere near it. But, Fresh knows his faults and stares at his ceiling fans for answers nightly! I have attempted and successfully hit women after my guys were with them. BUT IM BLAMING THE WOMAN!! She knew me and my guy were friends and she still went!! 

Ok, enough about me and my everyday struggles. Let's talk about the guys trying to get after your leftovers. I know as a guy we have to be known as the biggest ping having, best stroking, rich woman loving, and have poor women dreaming guy of all time. We all fall short of this glory but it does not stop us for reaching for this shooting star. So we do stupid shit to try to get there. One of those things is getting at our friend’s old stains. Guys always have rivalries amongst themselves to be that alpha dog of the crew when it comes to women.

Now let's be clear ex-girlfriends are OFF limits, unless a man has a death wish and wants to touch the garment of his God! But old stains are "supposed" to be up for grabs. But fuck that!! I don't want you touching nothing I touched because it's still mine, even if I have no plans of reconnecting with said female. I'm kind of like that kid who is playing with my Tonka truck but still won't let the other kids play with my Nerf gun. I mean shit, I still got my ego too. I don't want to know if of my guys stirring that macaroni better than Fresh! Hey, I told y'all he not finished with me.

The real disrespect that plays over and over in my head is I believe my name is getting dropped. Like one of my guys is saying "shit, if Fresh can fuck I know this should be easy for me." See that's blatant disrespect, and this how I believe every situation goes. I don't care, I don't care, I got real problems! But I will never be that guy who would ask an old chick of mine about how and one of my guy’s sex compares to ours. And yes, dudes do this! slaps forehead. What if she tells you this dude has me running up walls and you couldn't even start the engine? I'm not ready for that answer!!

I'll end this like this. I know I'm guilty of such an unwritten rule like this! I've heard all the songs that say shit like “these hoes for everybody” and “ain't no fun if my homies can't have none” but fuck all that! Don't get excited when you see my old work! Don't ask me to share my old work! It's 8 million women in this world back up off my old work! It's hard to sing after Michael Jackson anyway! All leftovers aren't good reheated!

throws G Unit chain in the crowd

With the utmost pride and sincerity,