"Chillin' in the Pocket Like Peyton"

"I met his chick, he haven't seen her since, Through the city, I'm still floating like a Magic carpet, she stop me for a selfie, I just want the knowledge."    -Rick Ross

Long time since I put the pen to the pad but I'm back. I've been in great spirits of late and I felt like sharing. You ever look up and everything is going, right? I don't know if it's this cold ass haircut I got Friday, my savings growing exponentially or the new pillowtop mattress I bought but I'm walking on air. Feeling invincible.  

Friday, I took my annual Mental Health Day at work or Ditch Day in the words of my fellow goodfella Filthy P. Had a great time minus the venue not having tater tots TF! Kicked it with the guys, enjoyed the games and seen old friends from college. Even copped a cold ass hat! Life is great. 

Wait this wouldn't be a Fresh blog without leaving a few tips. So I been saving quite a lot lately. So I'll give u all some of my tricks.

  1. Put 20% of your paycheck in an untouchable account or "lose" the debit card.
  2. Give yourself a bi-weekly allowance. If you go over you'll be eating cold cuts for a week.
  3. Make a real budget and stick to it pay those bills all the time on time!!

I just came back to touch base with you all. Hope everything with y’all is great if you looking for me I'm in the pocket like Peyton!

With the utmost pride and sincerity,


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