“Most things that we think are impossible in life, is because we have never tried them. So, go for every dream and opportunity before making a judgement.”

Excerpt From: Riebe, Wolfgang. “100 Quotations to Make You Think!” iBooks. 

As I sit in the middle seat aboard this flight jostling for position with these broad ass shoulders I sit and think about how great Atlanta is and the motivation it gives me every time I visit. Love to see my people pressing forward and flourishing at the same time. From the foreign cars to the beautiful couples, give me nothing but "goals" to strive for.

I had a chance to sit down with several new Georgia residents who love the space they are in and just talk life with them. My younger sister for example, I look at what she is doing as a young woman trying to become a MUA for the stars. She's connected with a well-known MUA already in a very short time since being in Atlanta. Not only is she learning valuable lessons, the more seasoned MUA is pushing her to get on her level! Atlanta is definitely a place that suits my sister's needs.

Then I got to speak with a young lady who I attended SIU with who is actually using a Political Science degree in real life, LOL! Just to see her enthusiasm about living in Atlanta and the position she is putting herself in motivated the hell out of me. She even told me "Fresh fuck you waiting on to get this money!" We spoke on the job market and how safe she feels in the city. She even dry stunted talking about her valet garbage pickup. But hey, if you work hard and earned that type of amenity, live your life.

But wait, don't think the ‘ratchetness’ does not motivate me either! I mean Waffle House and Blue Flame will forever be a part of my world. The sweet smell of stripper sweat always gets the blood pumping and brain going. This all adds to the allure of Atlanta to me though. I see people getting after it by any means. And it's all love, I'm missing Atlanta already and I'm only 19 minutes into my flight. Until next time FOREVER I LOVE ATLANTA!!!

With the utmost pride and sincerity,