Bios are Boring, Manifestos Aren’t.

1. We will give you the best podcast in the history of podcasts. No really,

we’ve listened to the other podcasts and pound for pound, they cannot

compare. We wish them well in all their endeavors but, if you’re listening

to any podcasts it should be ours.

2. Our perspective will be as unfiltered as possible. We will give you our

perspective and views as raw as it can be. However, in an effort to not

harm wives, kids or lose our jobs we may move on from a topic. But we

promise to never sell you dreams.

3. We promise to bring you dope ass guests. I know, you may listen and be

like “who the hell is that?” Just trust us that if they’re on our show, they are

dope and most likely on their way to being rich, famous or saving the world.

4. When shit happens, we will give you an emergency podcast. Life is rough

and sometimes, things happen that shake our world. When this happens

we jump to it and record a podcast as soon as we can. We will be there for

you, unlike Fox news.

5. We will be your gateway to all things ratchet and bourgeois, at the same

damn time. We pride ourselves on being multifaceted we throw some of

the biggest hood events in Chicago and we are at all the bourgeois events

in Chicago and your favorite DJs and promoters have been on our show.

It’s all about balance people!

6. We promise not to send you off. Look we’re no experts but we will give

you the real from our perspective. We promise not to be those social

media relationship experts that give you bad advice that will have you

single and at the local tavern at 40. We will give you the keys to success

and the keys to cuffing season.

7. Ant P will give you one good rant per show. We know, people live for a

good Ant P rant, and we try to make sure we get at least one per episode.

However, if he forgets all you have to do is disrespect R. Kelly, mild sauce,

Derrick Rose or say Lauryn Hill and he will give you a rant on the spot.

8. Fresh will rep the west side of Chicago until the sun sets in the east. Fresh

is all things west side: a Ralph Lauren, Lacoste wearing dude who talks like

he came up under pure west side royalty and knows everybody at the Jerk

Taco Man and Uncle Remus.

9. Dion will act like he is the all-knowing on every episode. Every episode

we will encounter different topics and Dion will pull out all kind of random

facts and stats out of nowhere and you will think he is the smartest guy in

the room and he will act like he is too.

10. We promise to leave it all in the booth, every episode. We promise

to do our best to make you laugh, challenge conventional ways of thinking

as only three intelligent black men from Chicago can. You may not always

agree with us, but you’ll laugh with us, curse at us, shake your head at us

and never question that we put 100% of ourselves into The No 4Play Show.