Keepin’ it 100, Baby

This is a moment. A celebration. A stunt. We share a ton of behind-the-scene scoops from all of your favorite episodes, as we celebrate the No 4Play journey. No time stamps today, just enjoy this dirty walk down memory lane. We’ll link many of the episodes mentioned in the notes below with the official episode title.


Favorite Episodes Roll Call:

The 4:44 Episode (The No 4:44 Play Show)

Tyomi’s Episode (Sex Talk with Sexpert Tyomi)

The Boo & David Bailey Episode

2016 Mother’s Day Edition Episode 

Stanley Love Tate’s Episode (Cracking the Student Loan Code)

Jay Illa’s Episode (Go DJ, That’s My DJ)

Assata Jones’ Episode (For the Ears of Others)

The Domestic Violence Episode  

Cleveland Bus Driver Episode (Episode 12)

Z-Summit/Aaron Jones’ Episode (Game Winning Plays with Aaron Jones)

Blac Youngsta - Booty      


Quotes from this Episode:

“The lights was shining on her. And she was looking at me. I was like ‘damn do we go together now?’” ~Fresh           


“Android users are more defensive than an ugly feminist.” ~Ant P


“We’re in universities now.” ~Dion


Shout out to our incredible show notes writer Brooke Brown that we mentioned on this episode. Contact her for your content writing needs at www.wellread-wellsaid.com


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The Cuff of Convenience

It’s getting cold out here as we acknowledge the cuff of convenience this season. Join us in rebuking Amazon Keys and smart homes, discussing a Justin Timberlake Super Bowl and give Nas a cyber dap for upgrading Nicki Minaj. A quick PSA leads to talk about the first time we brought a cold chick back to the block.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Justin & Janet (13:20)
  • MJB & Kendu (31:10)
  • Nas & Nicki (34:38)
  • Rites of passage with a cold chick (39:55)
  • The painful cuff of convenience (57:48)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Amazon Key

Gabrielle Union on Sway

Last Year Being Broke – A$AP Twelvyy

First Year Being Rich – ASAP Mob


Quotes from this Episode:

“Have my Foreman Grill play ‘Grateful’.” ~Fresh   


“You have to beat someone in front of your neighborhood. [Have] a loud argument. You need to do something to let people know if you steal from me I’m coming for you.” ~ Ant P


“I feel like I’m gonna be on the porch with a shotgun when the war of the robots go down like yeah I told you dumb asses it was gonna happen.” ~Dion


“I done kissed you with morning breath and this is how you do me?!” ~Dion


“First time Nicki spent the night at Nas’ crib, she was like ‘it’s quiet in here’.” ~Ant P


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Intervention Time

After a light conversation about crypto-currency, things get real. We acknowledge that rape culture is real. With care we try to tackle how men can impact everyone’s ability to feel safe and protected in and outside the workforce as well as how the system fails sexual assault victims that both do and do not come forward.


**Warning: We respectfully discuss sexual assault as it pertains to the Harvey Weinstein allegations, Nelly’s rape charges, and other powerful men.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Crypto-currency investing (9:22)
  • Harvey Weinstein & rape culture (21:17)
  • People You May Know plays too much (42:51)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Squarebit, Ethereum, Lite Coin, Ripple Coin, & Bitcoin

Follow Coin App

Terry Crews story


Quotes from this Episode:

“[Our kids] don’t know each other and so it’s easier for them to get into it [with each other]. I feel like you should know everybody in your neighborhood.” ~Fresh          


“She’s obviously uncomfortable…and instead of us going to the guy and checking him we go to the chick and say ‘oh you cool. You’re thinking too much into it.’ We as men need to check other men more and better.” ~ Ant P


“They knew he was on dirt but they said ‘Alright Harvey as long as you pay the settlements’. These are the conversations that make him feel invincible. People are saying ‘great his board fired him.’ No fuck the board because they approved his contract.” ~Dion


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Check your Engine

How you doing, Ye? The brothers are…*sigh* surviving. Racism fatigue has Ant P fed up. This episode we encourage black men to get their engines’ checked with the help of a mental health professional. Enjoy our #blackboyjoy over the BET Hip Hop Awards, Uncle Luke’s outspoken legacy and cast your play vote for the best hip hop DJ drop of all time.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Jack Daniel’s Arts, Beats + Lyrics recap (10:20)
  • Black people, protect your mental (16:19)
  • BET Hip Hop Cyphers wish lists (35:00)
  • Uncle Luke’s legacy (52:12)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Rap Radar Podcast w/ Bun B

Boogie - Thirst 48 Album

Musiq Soulchild - Outer Space

2017 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypers

Tyler, the Creator – What the Fuck Right Now


Quotes from this Episode:

“We cope with so much shit. Man, you get to the point where you have to be honest with yourself. Let’s be more real with ourselves.” ~Ant P


“Everything is not just physical. Sometimes it’s mental too. If you got a car and you go get the oil changed and the tires rotated. But who’s checking the engine? That’s what the professional is there for.” ~ Fresh


“Don’t be mad because Luda went to go get the bag.” ~ Dion


“We do ourselves no favors by arguing about who can speak out on our behalf.” ~Ant P


“For those who don’t know, southern Illinois is basically like…Mississippi.” ~ Fresh


Event of the Week:

Fake Shore Drive Big Tymer$ @ The Porter Theater - November 4th


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Restricted Areas with NBA TV’s Kevin Cottrell Jr.

We have our good friend and seasoned NBA TV sports journalist Kevin Cottrell Jr. joining us for a humble conversation about getting up close and professional with the top players, your favorite teams’ chances at making the Finals, and putting to rest the LeBron GOAT debate.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • HBCU Football Classics & student recruitment (1:00)
  • #KevClout (10:30)
  • Mentorship from Ahmad Rashad (17:20)
  • Analytics and their effect on black players (37:00)
  • Hot Takes: Most Memorable NBA Games (1:24:08)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Chicago Football Classic

Circle City Classic

Johnsonville Sausage

Ahmad Rashad


Quotes from this Episode:

“It took me back to when I was a kid and I was jumping up and down and bumped my head on the ceiling fan.” ~ Fresh


“They weren’t thinking about stats, they were worried about showing respect for the game.” ~Kevin


“And Mike wouldn’t have been Instagram-ing his workouts!” ~Dion


“You called me…like ‘Ant, I’m not even going to gloat. I just wanna know are you okay?’ I said no I’m riding in my car with no music on.” ~Ant P


Find our guest’s work on nbatv.com, and on Twitter at @KCJ_Swish. If you want to help title his new book reach us on Facebook or Twitter @No4PlayShow.


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Hats Off To This Guy with New Era’s Colie Blake

Enjoy our deep dive into the long game of creating fashion-forward accessible product lines; marketing collaborations, and a fun round of tastemaker predictions for 2017. It was our esteemed pleasure to discuss branding and the brilliant strategies that go into the most iconic ath-leisure accessories with New Era’s Colie Blake.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Home Depot gets Fresh big mad (16:29)
  • Lifestyle brand story building (21:29)
  • The thought process of a limited release(39:58)
  • The top brand shifters of tomorrow (61:00)


Mentioned in this Episode:    

G Herbo’s G Fazo’s     

DC’s9:30 Club

Austin City Limits Music Festival

Jay-Z performs Wonderwall – Glastonbury

Donald Glover Interview – Fast Company


Quotes from this Episode:

“[What] these brands miss. You have to make [fashion] accessible. Homegrown things, really get it out there. If someone blows up you hope that that collaboration continues. ” ~ Colie Blake


“They don’t think about the next thing. A lot of people are hype beasts.” ~ Colie Blake


“All the theories about the possibilities of where streaming could go is actually so fascinating. ~ Dion


“Have we ever seen a truly marketable football player besides Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson?” Fresh


“[Donald Glover] made a statement saying he only has a few more years to be dangerous. I took it as ‘I only have a few more years to be fearless’…[If he just says] I’m going to make these choices and put them on display. I feel like people would follow the fuck outta him.” ~ Dion


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Debate Your Drunk Uncle

Hot takes produce the most fire emoji episodes. Supporting black women, empathizing with grieving black parents and holding click bait accountable, we don’t hold back. We also discuss (begrudgingly) Trump’s careless response to the suffering of brown people and checking rich privilege. The thirst for beards on ‘The Facebook’ (#beardgang) is comical, and so is VSB’s take on the privileges of straight black men.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Tuck Frump (10:30)
  • Beards on ‘The Facebook’ (31:45)
  • Concerns over untimely deaths, investigations & finding closure (46:50)
  • Do straight black men have white male privileges? (55:40)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Latest News on Puerto Rico

 Nate Boyer convinces Kaepernick to Neal  

BBC London Osi Umenyiora

Beard Game Matters FB Group

Kendrick Johnson Case

Kenneka Jenkins Funeral Coverage

VSB Straight Black Men Article


Quotes from this Episode:

“This is just what happens when your geriatric grandparents run shit. They say whatever they want and feel they should not be reprimanded because they’ve lived a long life. You just be like ‘No, I wish they would sign the DNR for you.’” ~Ant P


 “In defense of men, women…know your mate. How bout that? Like, you know I joke.  I met you through jokes. I laughed your panties off. And now I’m supposed to not be funny?” ~ Ant P


“It’s all based out of hope. It’s coming from a place of true concern. Everybody has a right to say this shit don’t make sense.” ~Dion


“Now [black men] are the enemies? It brings an interesting context. Because now we paint this view where all people should be one thing. And that’s not true [with any group].” ~Dion


“It’s like they’re trying to be the Boyz II Men to our Jodeci.” ~Fresh


Event of the Week

The Perfect Cadence Presents Rhythm and Brews Fundraising Event

Monday, October 9 – 5:30 to 8:30pm @ Vice District Brewing 1454 S. Michigan Ave

For tickets, visit Eventbrite.


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Buy Back the Block with Jerry Brown

Wanna make grown money moves? Buy some property. Our guest, realtor Jerry Brown walks us through the process for entering the real estate game, being financially responsible before purchasing your first home, developing people skills as an agent, screening your agent and tenants, and why credit unions get so much love.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  •  First time buyer suggestions (14:50)
  • Real estate bread in your portfolio (22:30)
  • Why credit unions are so clutch (42:00)
  • Chicago’s market (51:00)


Mentioned in this Episode:

TransUnion My Smart Move Tenant Screener


Quotes from this Episode:

“It’s a simple process but it ain’t always easy. Education is important.” ~ Jerry


“Know your budget. Have the right people around you to hold your hand through the process. Get your team in order.” ~ Jerry


“If you hear the statement ‘All you gotta do is’, run!” ~Jerry


“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. When you ain’t sh**, [people] will let other people know. ” ~ Ant P


Find our guest, Jerry Brown at jerrybrownre.com and social media @jerrybrownre or via phone at (630) 909-9976.


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Real Cheaters Move in Silence with Young Wayne

Cheaters never prosper. But since Kevin Hart has forced our hand, here we are. We set some gender-neutral ground rules for cheating and talk about the greatness of Whitney Young, comedy, top Pro-Am moments, and more with our amazing guest Dwayne “Young Wayne” Young.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Wayne’s Top 5 Pro-Am Moments (8:42)
  • Come on Kev… (16:54)
  • Ant P’s Kevin Hart roast story (21:27)
  • Equal Opportunity Rules for Cheating (25:32)
  • The Got-A-Man Switch Up (32:42)
  • Wayne Goes Viral (35:23)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Kevin Hart Extortion Scandal

Will Bynum Scores 50 in Chi-League Nike Pro Am


Quotes from this Episode:

“McDonald’s was selling slurpees or some s***. It’s part of the story.” ~ Ant P


“I don’t even like making eye contact with my co-workers” ~Dion


“I said ‘What? I didn’t even know you blocked me. I just thought you found a man and do what most girls do.’ [She] can’t get no more boy phone calls after 5:30 in the evening. ” ~ Fresh


“You just set me back two more years now. I’m single for 2 more years.” ~ Young Wayne


Find our guest Dwayne “Young Wayne” at @youngwayne00 on all social media sites, YouTube and Christian Mingle (just kidding).


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The Men, The Myths

This episode we put the lies to rest. Would you see your favorite artists in concert? Sit down IG models and Thick Rihanna haters, all waists matter. Mother Nature is not to be played with. Plus, we share our experiences with the hoe phase as men and how costly it was.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • #Thickgalriri and women gaining weight (13:00)
  • Dorm room pleasuring (18:57)
  • Disaster preparedness (27:54)
  • Hoe phase wisdom (38:29)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Kelli Knight from KMR (Law & Order episode)


Quotes from this Episode:

“If there was a skinny girl, you damn near had to text me to make sure she wasn’t mine.” ~Fresh


“Your stomach is needed. If I see you and my joggers move. That mean you still got it.” ~Ant P


“A lot of women think that the hoe phase is something guys are perpetually in…[but] men actually do get tired [of it]. It’s taxing.” ~Dion


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The No 4Play Remembers with K Moon

What started as an innocent walk-of-shame down memory lane has turned into the reckless and unofficial guide to Game of Thrones for Black people. As always, you’re welcome.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Performing on your clique’s behalf (11:54)
  • GoT broken down (22:23)
  • The characters that can get these hands (43:20)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Boardwalk Empire

GoT Season 3 Episode 9 - The Red Wedding

GoT Season 6 Episode 9 - The Battle of the Bastards


Quotes from this Episode:

“The Night King looks at John Snow like he owes him back child support.” ~Ant P


“The whole reason there’s conflict in the world is because of who [slept with] who” ~Fresh


“Oh so she had felony pussy? Murderous pussy.” ~ K Moon


“The High Septon is probably the worst. He’s a goddamn poverty pimp. The pastor of a mega church and he has an army of poor people.” ~Dion


“Jaime Lannister. He at that point only had one hand. But he was still with the shits.” ~Dion


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At Your Best

After a trip to DC, we’re glowing in our black excellence (shout out to the real HU). We discuss the technique of boxing, racial tension in the ring & comparing boxing eras as well as the legacies of Dick Gregory & Aaliyah. Meanwhile, Jay-Z compels us to consider friendships crumbling from a man’s perspective.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Mayweather vs. McGregor (20:00)
  • Dick Gregory’s legacy (36:10)
  • Missing Aaliyah (41:48)
  • Ending Adult Friendships (53:15)


Mentioned in this Episode:

P Funk and the Mothership

Farmer’s and Distillers (DC)

Dick Gregory speech on Malcolm X’s death

Jackie Movie

Rap Radar Jay Z Interview


Quotes from this Episode:

“Girl [was] like ‘Are you an alumni?’ No let me live my life.” ~Fresh


“I would’ve graduated, but with a junior.”~ Ant P


“People gonna keep playing around until Aaliyah is forgotten. Cuz her music isn’t on none of the streaming services. The music needs to be there.” ~Dion


“Holding adult friendships and when to let those friendships go is such an underrated and under taught part of our being and growing up ”~ Ant P


Event of the Week

Thank You Chicago’s Wild Thoughts Day Party

Saturday, September 2- Bar 10 @ 4pm


F*ck Fresh 2K17 BBQ

Sunday, September 3 - Kells Park (Chicago & N Kedzie)

Send a message to any of the brothers for further details


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Go For Yours with Erika R. McCall

Should a partner’s inconsistency be grounds for a roaming eye? Would you correct it or cut it? What did we ever do before DM’s? The fellas weigh in and guest Erika McCall gets schooled on “comcast remotes”, what qualifies a woman as average, and peak mental confidence as an adult man.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • TBT Matchmaking (24:58)
  • Extra average women exist (34:55)
  • Cheating double standards (38:29)
  • The Ugly Friend revisited (50:51)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Erika McCall’s book Go For Yours


Quotes from this Episode:

“No woman should have dry DMs in 2017.” ~ Fresh

“The wannabe acceptance for [extra] average is astounding.” ~Ant P

“Her biggest pimp was her mama. ‘Get a guy with a good job, girl. Get a guy with a nice car, girl.’ If that’s what you market yourself as wanting…you can’t fault guys for meeting that standard and feeling like they’re the man. ” ~ Dion

“So [cheating] is bad because of our emotions? You want our emotions to be just for you? ~ Erika


Find our guest Erika McCall at www.GoForYours.com and on Instagram at @erikarmccall

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The No 4Play Show Has the Answers

The annual experience of ratchet black excellence (aka #NQ17) did not disappoint. We share funny highlights and address a couple of creeps. Then switch gears to process this weekend’s Charlottesville terrorism and activism in the NFL. Plus, #BaduBox strikes again. You heard it here first.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Creep complaints (10:53)
  • White terrorism in Charlottesville (14:50)
  • Marshawn Lynch out calculates the media (34:45)
  • Drake mystery solved. It was Badu. (47:19)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Charles Barkley/Richard Spencer Controversial Interview

Harvard’s Minority-Majority Freshmen Class

Marshawn Lynch protests the National Anthem

Danillo Gallinari rejected Kim K


Quotes from this Episode:


“Colin Kaepernick was a known entity. But he was a regressing entity. Then he decided to protest…You can’t ignore Marshawn Lynch.” ~Ant P


“Erykah Badu hit Drake with the Get Out, got to stirring that tea and next thing you know, he was making Caribbean rhythms” ~ Dion


“Views is a #BaduBox influenced album.” ~Fresh


Event of the Week:


Friday, August 18 @ 9pm – Thank You Chicago Back to the 90’s Party  (Berwyn, IL)


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Guidance from the Gridiron with Corey Mays

Veteran NFL Player, Corey Mays joins us for an excellent discussion surrounding doing well on the field, developing a team, and building a legacy outside of football. He shares wisdom about handling business, investing, managing your money, and resisting the temptation to live a baller lifestyle in an expensive market.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • THE Notre Dame Experience (14:30)
  • Legendary players as teammates (20:20)
  • Protecting your body (32:40)
  • Fresh has a real injury (36:12)
  • Stepping away from the game (40:23)


Mentioned in this Episode:

The Pacemaker App (iOS)

The No 4Play Playlist Page

James Harrison protecting his body

HBO Ballers


Quotes from this Episode:

“For me [the rookie year] was truly what I needed. Those first days out of college and becoming a man.”~ Corey

“You don’t get your adult[hood] slap at 22 yet. You’re still young.” ~ Ant P

“Even to this day, these guys put me on the right path.” ~ Dion

“It’s not who you are it’s what you did.” ~ Corey

“If you can see me in the game. I don’t need to drive a Benz. You know it’s me.” ~ Corey


Event of the Week:

August 12th Arlington Million Horse Race $30 adults, $4 kids.

Saturday August 12th - The Q, your girls favorite event! 4pm until the cops come knocking.


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Facing the Facts with Besties & Brunch

Four of the ladies from the Besties & Bruch crew join us to discuss the tough week that black men have had. Usher, R. Kelly, and Rick Ross are dead wrong. How can we defend these L’s? Plus, Issa Rae’s Insecure is back and chaos befalls the show. The brothers have had enough. And the sisters sound off.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Usher is ready to sign them papers (16:00)
  • Disowning R. Kelly (21:32)
  • What excusing Rape Culture looks like (32:55)
  • Insecure is #byke (41:26)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Usher Has Herpes

Usher Master Class

N4P Insecure Hangouts every Tuesday (Must follow our Facebook Page for the link)


Quotes from this Episode:


“I’m in a space now where I cannot in good conscious publicly defend [R. Kelly], because I look like an idiot. And there’s nothing to defend, most importantly.”~ Ant P


“He’s a public figure that should be held to a higher standard.” ~ Eboni


“It’s good sex when it’s with someone who is confident in you.”~ Ant P


“The real victim in all of this is Tasha.” ~ Veronica


“I feel like there’s no benefit to being with Issa, for any of them. She’s not even a good friend.” ~Dion


“It’s only confusing if you wanted more in your mind.” ~Ant P


Event of the Week

Lollapalooza After Parties


Find the besties Eboni, Veronica, Nikki, Tahlee, and Ryan at bestiesandbrunch.com and @bestiesandbrunch on all social media.


Click through to find us on Facebook or Twitter @No4PlayShow. Help us out by subscribing and leaving us a review on iTunes and Facebook.


A Direwolf in Silicon Valley with Matt Alexander

Dion’s definite cousin joins us to discuss his experiences editing movies, educating executives on the importance of diverse perspectives and investing in recruitment efforts within minority communities in the Bay area. Rather than be angry that goofies make 6-figures, we’re reminding our listeners that strategy matters and just going to work and coming home everyday is a luxury we can’t afford.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Editing Oscar-winning films (10:00)
  • Age, race, and gender diversity in tech (21:23)
  • The Springboard Initiative (26:18)
  • Still out here dictating culture (33:29)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Lost in America film trailer

Blavity AfroTech Conference


Quotes from this Episode:

“If y’all were out and he got into a fight you would have to defend him. So y’all related. That’s the rule.”~ Ant P


“Damn, [he lives] three minutes from KD. What’s three minutes from you Ant?” ~Fresh


“Come over to this IT world. I don’t wanna see no more psychology degrees. Liberal Arts degrees.” ~Dion


“Whoever comes in the hood [to speak] they don’t represent the community. So that’s what I try to do. Let’s talk.”  ~ Matt


“You have to be strategic about everything. You don’t have the luxury to just go to work and come home.” ~ Matt


Find our guest on social media at @mattofum and learn more about his non-profit work at springboardinitiative.com.


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Treasuring the Long Game with Brewhouse Music’s Brandon Smith

This episode we sit down with our guest Brandon Smith to discuss the importance of music publishing, the market for urban artists to partner with big corporations and consider the differences in how Chicago disrupts the next generation’s chances of success. This episode is all about glorifying hard work and thinking long term.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Brandon explains Music Licensing and Publishing (8:24)
  • Urban partnerships with Big Beverage Companies (17:35)
  • Atlanta music collaborators know wassup (23:40)
  • The short game mentality (32:00)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

Music Dealers

BrewHouse Music

The Cool Kids


Quotes from this Episode:

“I don’t need your dollar now. Cuz I’m gonna come for it later. When you see the vision. And when I show you the vision, you’re gonna have to open that check book a little wider. ” ~Brandon


“You’re not being taken advantage of if you have the rules to the game. We’ve been side stepping the rules our entire lives.” ~ Brandon


“Atlanta rappers are the blue print. That’s Atlanta. They’re always together. Making songs. Kicking it.” ~ Fresh


“Eating slowly together. Creating the longevity of wealth. It’s not a lick.” ~ Brando


Event of the Week

V103 Summer Block Party with Jill Scott, SWV, and more – July 22nd


Find our guest host at www.brewhousemusic.com. And follow us on Facebook or Twitter @No4PlayShow to get updates on summer events.



Rob Needs an Alfred with Brooke Brown

We put our ghostwriter in the hot seat. Brooke Brown of Well Read Well Said is responsible for the detailed show notes you all love so much. But today she joins us on the mic to discuss how men get ready for parties with pretty ladies, our picks for song of the summer, fast women, being finessed as young boys, and why you need to get you an Alfred that can do both.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • The Man with a party plan (10:33)
  • Song of the Summer 2017 (22:30)
  • Our ghostwriter, Brooke drops in (29:06)
  • Aye Rob, listen bruh…(39:15)
  • All men have been finessed (52:00)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Jimmy Iovine on SZA/Top Dawg Deal

Rake It Up – Yo Gotti ft Nicki Minaj 

Who Dat Boy – Tyler, The Creator

Magnolia – Playboi Carti

Claudio Rivera’s Episode

Ron of Japan Chicago


Quotes from this Episode:

“There was no ashy-ness in the building. Everybody was well moisturized.” ~ Dion


“I think we have to acknowledge the elephant in the room. She’s fast! That’s just a fast woman.” ~ Fresh


“I just feel like everybody needs an Alfred in their life. Like Batman has Alfred.”~ Ant P


“Rob didn’t know how to protect his new money. He still doesn’t. It’s evident by his timing.” ~Brooke


Events of the Week

Thank You Chicago’s Everyday We Lit Day Party: July 15th 4-9pm at Bar 10

Pitchfork Music Festival: July 14- 16th at Chicago’s Union Park


Find out more about our go-to writer, Brooke Brown and her professional writing services at www.wellread-wellsaid.com, @wellsaidbrooke on Twitter and @whatbrookesaw on Instagram.


To gain access to Dion’s All Summer 17 Spotify Playlist and get updates on summer events like and follow us on Facebook.



Thank You Chicago with K Moon and Matt Brooks

Hot off the press we have your next summer move ready. If you know us and have attended any of our events in the past (including N*gga Q) then tune in to this episode. We share some of the legendary parties and cookouts in the works from our guest hosts K Moon and Matt Brooks of Thank You Chicago Events.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Thank You Chicago Events (13:40)
  • Fuck Fresh and N*gga Q got beef (27:04)
  • The evolution of the N*gga Q (29:19)
  • The inside of a swingers club (35:29)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Trading Races

Tabu Swingers Club (Baltimore)

Ghana Fest July 29 & 30


Quotes from this Episode:

“College brought on a new appreciation for slim thick.” ~ Dion

 “Have you read the worst parts of the bible?” ~ Ant P, on summer break Fresh

“I remember I got on the mic and said ‘Man I’m having sex with my girl tonight!’”~ Matt

“[The N*gga Q] is not no gang led picnic with 1,000 people.” ~ Fresh

“It’s not a train unless you think it is” ~ K Moon


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The Patron Saints of Lost Causes with Kasmer Quinn

There are just some things that we will and won’t stand for. Fresh stands up for Meek Mill, Ant P stands up for T.I., and Dion walks away with your girl. We welcome media relation specialist Kasmer Quinn, who shares with our listeners how to come correct on a first date.

Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Safaree vs Meek Mill & Co. (20:17)
  • Tiny’s loyalty is questioned (34:05)
  • Bill Cosby has to move around (43:08) TW: Sexual assault is discussed
  • First Date Expectations (59:00)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Be Relevant with Kasmer Quinn

Meek Mill and Safaree Confrontation


Quotes from this Episode:

“I found that how you see yourself is how you truly are and if you have the ability to speak life into yourself, you’ll know that whatever source of energy you believe in that you are the co-author of your life.” ~Kasmer


“He’s on papers, [Meek] gotta be smarter than that” ~Ant P

“Men could not handle if women had the same loyalty as us. The world would be in chaos.” ~Dion

“I’ve never heard a woman say that they had to step their game up to meet the level of a man” ~Fresh


Find more from our guest at www.kasmerquinn.com and on Instagram @myblackisbeautiful_08


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He IS white

June is National Black Music Month. In celebration, we praise Chicago artists whose discography should forever be preserved in the music hall of fame. Not to exclude “dwights”, we shout-out a couple of our melanin challenged favorites. And with school out, we sound off on whether lavish prom sendoffs are too much. 


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Could’ve had Fab (3:01)
  • Prom-Mitzvah (18:41)
  • Music Talk (32:29)


Music Picks in this Episode:

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd (album) // Cool Relax – Jon B (album) // Saturday Night Fever – The Bee Gees (album) // Deliverance – Bubba Sparxxx (album) // Where I Wanna Be – Donnell Jones // Still Ballin – Do or Die // Hip Hop Saved My Life – Lupe Fiasco // Phreaky MF – Mike Dunn // Overdose – Twista  


Quotes from this Episode:

“Prom is our quinceañara. Prom is our bar mitzvah.” ~ Dion

“I got a white chocolate playlist that is to die for.” ~Fresh

“Ain’t even no white Gospel singers. I am befuddled.” ~Ant P


Events of the Week

Jack Honey presents Hyde Park Block Party with Mick Jenkins - June 24, 2017 4-8pm

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Tasteful and Classless

It’s XVII all summer 17. We go in on sloppy drunks, advise you to stay hydrated after E&J, discuss tasteful pubic hair maintenance, and name the songs we have on repeat in the whip. Plus we have an official move for Saturday and bring back fuckboi of the week.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Bill Maher gets too comfortable (19:19)
  • DWade disappoints Ant P (40:05)
  • Athletes & Money (44:12)
  • Amber Rose is no longer bald (50:57)


Mentioned in this Episode:

DWade Game 4 Outfit

Self Made – Bryson Tiller (Dion’s choice)

Run Me Dry – Bryson Tiller (Dion’s choice)

Fresh Air – Future (Fresh’s choice)

The Weekend – SZA (Ant P’s choice)


Quotes from this Episode:

“If we’re out and I see you drunk. I will leave you. I know some people are compassionate. I’m not.” ~Dion

“Sometimes [hair], that’s just a little seasoning.” ~ Fresh

“The price to pay for playing with pretty” ~ Ant P, Dion, Fresh


Event of the Week:

The Bar 10

Saturday June 17 from 4-9p

Free before 6p/ $10 after, Guys free all night with “No 4 Play Show” name drop


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Honesty Hour

The new trendy accessory is honesty. Or is it vasectomies? We can’t decide. This episode we candidly ask each other to choose if we’d get snipped…hypothetically (shout out to Lyfe Jennings) if the trapping odds weren’t in our favor. Also, we cover how to bring up your body count and fetishes to your partner, Finals predictions and cheap engagement rings.

Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Pillow Talk No-No’s (15:40)
  • Fetishes (19:01)
  • NBA Finals predictions (26:30)
  • The Get Down gets cancelled (33:40)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Left Hollywood –Meek Mill (Video)

Vasectomy Spike Article (NY Post)  

Pillow Talk Article (NY Post)


Quotes from this Episode:

“Them rich white men gon’ tell you, a disease cost less than a kid.” ~Ant P

 “Let’s just go to the doctor together and get these results and live queen…RAW.” ~ Fresh

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The Locker Room with CBS 2’s Camron Smith

Just in time for the NBA finals, we sat down with Chicago’s own sports broadcaster CBS2 Camron Smith for his take on the market for ZO2s, reporters disrespecting black athletes, legendary sports stories, under recognized athletes, being a member of the press and more.

Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Big Baller Brand management (7:00)
  • Entrepreneurship ain’t for everybody (21:50)
  • LeBron Five Star camp stories from back in the day (42:47)
  • Revisiting the 2007 SIU basketball season (57:46)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Blessing Loom Scams

ESPN 6 PM with Michael Smith & Jemele Hill

Lenny Cooke Documentary IMDb

SIU 2006-2007 Season Highlights (Footage)


Quotes from this Episode:

“People will pay more to see the bad guy lose than they will to see the good guy win!” ~ Dion


“I need you to wear your [stuff] like no one else” ~Fresh


“How many successful waist trainer salesmen do y’all know?” ~Ant P


You can find CJ reporting live on CBS 2 Chicago or in a locker room near you, on Twitter at @Camronsmith and at camronsmith.com.


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