Set Goal. Make Plan. Get to Work. Stick to It. Reach Goal.

Right around Christmas time every year we start plotting on the next year. We constantly say "New Year. New Me." Or the classic "I'm leaving this and that in said year." Well going into 2017 let's say "New Year. Same Me. But Better!" We cannot start over every year, but we can build on the foundations or groundwork from year to year.

 Life has no simple solutions. There are no quick solutions. So, this is what WE yes WE are going to do:

1.     We are going to set 3 short term goals a month.

2.     We are going to set 3 long term goals for the year.

3.     Lastly we will make one far-fetched borderline unattainable goal.

 First for our 3 short term goals these should be goals WE will knock out with ease. Whether is simple as not being late for work for a month or making sure you iron your clothes every night before work. These goals will be positive steps to build momentum in achieving other goals.

 For our 3-long term goals these should be tough but attainable with persistence. Do not set a goal that you will attain in 3 weeks! With these goals, you should damn near use a SWOT analysis! Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. After these goals are attained you should be on mental high for at least a couple weeks! These goals should take up a fair amount of your time throughout the year. 

 "Align your vision with your work ethic"

 Lastly, the one far-fetched, borderline unattainable goal. I look at this as going into the gym loading up a bar and trying to lift something you have no chance of lifting. But if that bar moves just an inch, what do you get up saying? Damn if I just keep doing what I'm doing eventually I'm going to lift that shit! So with that being said set a large goal and attack it! Sky's the limit. No more new year new me make it new year better me!

 With the Utmost Pride and Sincerity,