Letter's Week: Dear Austin by Douglas Morrow

Dear Austin,

Wassup shorty!! I know you're probably surprised I'm reaching out to you, but I figured you finally got some time to be alone with your thoughts for a minute. You really not missing nothing out here same shit different toilet. Sorry for my language, but I am a little disappointed in you. I've been knowing you for long as I can remember and you weren't always like this. Now I look at you and you represent everything that's wrong with our people. I'm only talking like this because I know you can handle the tough love. You out here chasing "clout" and for what? A Facebook like? Come on man I know you're way better than that. Shit has to stop bro. Nothing cool about wearing your best friends as buttons on your bomber. 

Let's talk solutions though. When you get out, you're finishing school! Fuck that gang shit man. Matter fact have you talked to any of them? I saw your boys Cortez and Thomas on Facebook posing with guns I only see on video games and shit. Is that what you want to come back to? You know I grew up with their Pops, God rest his soul, but I refuse to have you out here like them. This whole cycle has got to end! Fatherless homes, boys raising themselves, and making legends out of guys who didn't make it to their 16th birthday.  Nothing cool about dying leaving a good-looking corpse.

Aight, I'm almost out of here. But I want you to know this so many people look up to you. I'm talking to you because I know if you carry yourself in such a way others will follow. Especially your boy Englewood. You have to understand the world is bigger than Cicero to Central. I'm here for you Lil bruh. I once was told your life ain't worth living until you've found something to die for but guess what I've found something to live for. YOU! I'm going to tell you something that no man told me until it was too late I love you!! You need anything I'm here for you!

P.S. Yo grandma said 🗣HELL NO HE CAN’T GET HOUSE ARREST HERE! So, give them my address. And WRITE ME BACK!!!

With the utmost pride and sincerity,