The Locker Room with CBS 2’s Camron Smith

Just in time for the NBA finals, we sat down with Chicago’s own sports broadcaster CBS2 Camron Smith for his take on the market for ZO2s, reporters disrespecting black athletes, legendary sports stories, under recognized athletes, being a member of the press and more.

Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Big Baller Brand management (7:00)
  • Entrepreneurship ain’t for everybody (21:50)
  • LeBron Five Star camp stories from back in the day (42:47)
  • Revisiting the 2007 SIU basketball season (57:46)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Blessing Loom Scams

ESPN 6 PM with Michael Smith & Jemele Hill

Lenny Cooke Documentary IMDb

SIU 2006-2007 Season Highlights (Footage)


Quotes from this Episode:

“People will pay more to see the bad guy lose than they will to see the good guy win!” ~ Dion


“I need you to wear your [stuff] like no one else” ~Fresh


“How many successful waist trainer salesmen do y’all know?” ~Ant P


You can find CJ reporting live on CBS 2 Chicago or in a locker room near you, on Twitter at @Camronsmith and at camronsmith.com.


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Power in Transparency

Loyal listeners we want to thank you all for coming out to the No 4Play Skate Jam and click through for more Letters Week contributions on the site.

The truth is, our reactions to the nerve of certain people (their words and actions) elevate the wrong things. This episode we’re taking back our power. We praise all of our beautiful black queens, the one and only Ant P (being the man, myth, and legend that he is) as well as call out white women who culture vulture and Funkmaster Flex speaking ill of the dead, smh.

Listen in as we discuss:         

  • The transparency of Letters Week(11:24)
  • White girls running wild again (25:40)
  • Black men still love the regular sisters (34:12)
  • Funkmaster Flex…give it a rest (43:12)


Mentioned in this Episode:

DJ Toure / Jay Illa

YesJulz & Miley Cyrus

Post Malone

Antoinette Robertson

Funkmaster Flex Story


Quotes from this Episode:

“Cuz the room is waiting on you. It used to be you just came in the room and you were there. And now it’s like where’s ANT P?” ~Fresh

“I was thinking about how transparency is lacking. People being open is lacking…a lot of times, we give power to our secrets.” ~ Dion

“People date who they interact with everyday. And I must say, we interact with beautiful black queens all the time.” ~ Ant P

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New Money Old Hate with Tova Whitaker

This episode we returned to our ratchet roots. Our guest today, our good friend Tova Whitaker, tries (and fails) to convince us that money wouldn’t change us (sheeeit). Tune in for instructions on customizing your pre-nup, giving bad sex feedback, what to do when you’re buying or receiving a drink in the club, and learn which side we take in the Melo/LaLa separation.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • Heartbreak Hit Makers (19:34)
  • Marriage is a different set of nerves (23:45)
  • Loyal mamas (34:00)
  • Drink etiquette (35:24)
  • Sexually empowering each other (43:08)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Sex Talk episode with Sexpert Tyomi


Quotes from this Episode:

“I’m officially a cheer dad. I still have on the wristband for this big ass cheer Bring It On 3 type of event… And she won’t lose for nothing so I gotta keep going.” ~Fresh


“Mary can bounce back, KC is always available.” ~ Ant P


“Thank you brother Kendu [Issacs], for showing us the way.” ~ Dion


“You’re accustomed to doing your own thing before a man enters into your life and after a man [leaves] so you still have to do your own thing.” ~ Tova


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For the Ears of Others with Assata Jones

Today’s guest, singer Assata Jones has some wild stories of close encounters with your favs to share in this episode. From Rihanna to Maxwell, her journey has afforded her moments other artists are sure to envy. Enjoy our take on setting the mood, spitting game to badgalRiRi, a debate over who moves on faster (men vs women) and the male version of the glow up. And don’t forget to purchase your tickets ASAP to this weekend’s No4Play Skate Jam!


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • For Rihanna’s ear (18:41)
  • For Zaytoven’s beats (34:18)
  • For Maxwell’s approval (37:25)
  • Dating to find your muse (43:57)
  • Moving on, no turning back (48:33)

Mentioned in this Episode:

No4Play Skate Jam Tickets (April 29th)

Unforgettable – French Montana ft Swae Lee

All By Myself – Assata Jones (video)

Molasses - Hiatus Kaiyote

Gills and Tails – Amel Larrieux

Producer Harry Fraud


I Can Love You Better – Assata Jones (single)


Quotes from this Episode:

“I feel like I’m sacrificing my heart for the ears of others.” ~Assata

 “I know you’ve blown money on worse things. Like your 27 piece. Like your own child. ” ~ Ant P

“[Rihanna’s James Joint] makes you feel like a neck kiss is coming.” ~Fresh

“[We men] expect no woman to ever really move on.” ~Dion


Check out Assata’s feature in The Source, her album Never Too Late on SoundCloud, and her social media pages can all be found using the handle @assatajones.


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Game Winning Plays with Aaron Jones

If you’ve ever wondered how the teens are handling the pressures of school, social media, extra curricular activities, their career outlooks and #bae, then tune in. We met our guest, St. Rita High School junior Aaron Jones last month at The Z Summit. Impressing us with his confidence and wisdom, he dropped bars at the summit and gems on today’s show. Are you ready for the youth to restore your faith in the next generation?

Listen in as we discuss:         

  • #GoGetHer: High School Edition (14:08)
  • What is up with education in America? (29:35)
  • Brianna gets it. (37:00)
  • 6’4” 306: Work harder. Play better. (43:31

Mentioned in this Episode:

LINK Unlimited

The Z Summit

Mayor Rahm Emanuel & the new CPS Grad Requirement

Rapper Logic

Producer 20Syl

Quotes from this Episode:

“The game has changed. ” ~ Dion 


“I was a damn mute in high school. Let me not front.” ~ Ant P

“We all didn’t have this great confidence at this young age. And we also didn’t have social media or come in contact with our favorite woman like [teens now].”~ Fresh

“Age is just a number and knowledge doesn’t compare to that.” ~ Aaron

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Time to Make a Change Episode with Dr. Crystal Laura

Our very own Fat Maxwell (Dion) has slimmed down to Medium Maxwell. In this episode, we have a real conversation with tenured Chicago State professor Dr. Crystal Laura about the school-to-prison pipeline and how school leadership impacts our youth’s chances of getting out of the streets. And we wouldn’t be the No 4Play show if we didn’t take the opportunity to discuss veganism, yoga practices that help your sex game, “eating the Wi-Fi” out of a woman and forgoing the gyro nachos.


Listen in as we discuss:         

  • The detriment of the Betsy DeVos hiring (35:02)
  • The school-to-prison pipeline explained (43:30)
  • Factors that make prison feel familiar (48:10)
  • Adults dismiss students so creatively (55:02)
  • Benefits of a yoga practice for Black lives (1:06:00)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Don’t Turn Me Down by Mack Wilds

Being Bad: My Baby Brother and the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Assata’s Daughters

Yoga for Black Lives

Wanderlust Chicago Festival


Quotes from this Episode:

“This poor little white woman has gone through so much scrutiny. Mother F***er that’s a Wednesday for me. ” ~ Ant P

“I try to help these adults who are powerful and have the capacity to do big things in schools and communities…seek out the resources and leverage the capital to let things be otherwise” ~Crystal

“Remember when Puff started doing yoga? That’s cuz he got with Cassie and was losing it.” ~Dion

Find our guest Dr. Crystal Laura latest book Being Bad: My Baby Brother and the School-to-Prison Pipeline on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com and find her on social media at @crystallaura_zen on Instagram and Crystal T. Laura on Facebook.

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We, The Black and Brown People with Dr. Claudio Rivera

United we eat tacos, divided we fall. This episode, we converse with longtime friend, community advocate, and clinical psychologist Dr. Claudio Rivera about the issues that concern both black and brown communities in Chicago. He shares his views regarding at times conflicting policy interests, words of encouragement for college-interested individuals and looks out for us all with the only taco spot guide you will ever need. 


Listen in as we discuss:    

  • Black & brown community struggles that overlap (12:17)
  • Segregated vs. mixed neighborhoods (22:56)
  • Conducting yourself in foreign territories (31:15) 
  • Cooperative economics & premium Back of the Yards Coffee (40:17)
  • Taco etiquette and the blasphemy of flour tortillas (47:32)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Back of the Yards Coffee (Chicago Tribune Feature) 

Watcha! Mag’s Guide to Great Taco Spots 

Peace and Education Coalition Scholarship

Dreamers & Allies Run Scholarship (Undocumented Immigrant eligible) 

La Pasadita (off N Ashland & W Haddon) 

Taqueria La Internacional (off S Ashland) 


Quotes from this Episode:

“The coffee shop went straight to the plug, fam!” ~ Ant P  


“Go in ready to listen and learn. You have to respect the culture and context of each area.” ~Claudio


“I refuse to perpetuate that narrative of ‘These hoods aren’t safe’ because I think it over emphasizes that these neighborhoods are so terrible that they have no strengths or good [in them].” ~Claudio 


“If I know I wouldn’t even be over there, I’m not inviting you there.” ~Fresh 


“You don’t go to someone’s neighborhood and just take. And that’s anywhere.” ~Dion 


We’ll be sure to share when the Back of the Yards Coffee Shop grand opening will be held in the near future.


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Adult Confidence

First, let’s get one thing straight. Trust us. You have an ugly friend. And if you don’t, then congratulations…on being the ugly friend. Secondly, maturity comes with age and experience. This episode, we share the wisdom gained from becoming men, fathers, mentors and professionals. We talk about ugliness and the humility that comes with it, dumb decisions that we have to protect our kids from making, the arrogance of Lavar Ball and what has shaped our adult confidence.


Listen in as we discuss:                                        

·       Ugly Friend Feedback (6:50)

·       Facebook Live and protecting our kids (17:00)

*Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault current event discussed

·       Earning your adult confidence (34:10)

·       The antics of Lavar Ball & Sons (42:35)

·       Fresh pays tribute to his student Laquan Allen (55:26)


Mentioned in this Episode:

You Got An Ugly Friend Blog Post

Lavar Ball and the Ball Boys


Quotes from this Episode:

“I understand we’re in the era of political correctness and participation trophies. Honorable mention is honored. But that don’t matter in real life when it comes to getting chose.” ~Ant P


“[Say to boys] You have to realize at a young age, these women will hold you down. As these girls grow into women, they will hold you down before your partners.” ~Dion  


“14 year olds aren’t criminals.” ~ Fresh


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Sneaker Heads Go Crazy

We have the well-respected Padded Room shoe shop owner and sneaker head, Bo in the studio. Many of us know the pairs that we wanted, finally got, or just missed out on. They are tied to our fondest or most devastating memories. In this episode we discuss the business of selling deadstock, rare footwear, pricing integrity, and service. And to be honest, you have Jordans to thank for the good hygiene habits of your favorite middle school boy coming of age. Show some respect.


Listen in as we discuss:                                        

·       Gang culture influencing the rules of footwear (15:50)

·       When drink spills happen to fresh pairs (18:45)

·       What’s your Grail? (22:47)

·       Integrity in the sneaker game (29:10)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Jason Kid Flight 95s

Cool Grey Jordan 4s

Jordan Flu Games

Concord 11s

Royal Foamposites


Quotes from this Episode:

“When you love sneakers…or anything, you gotta let it go and come right back to it. ” ~ Bo


“If I could go to work in joggers and Jordan’s, I’d be so much more productive.” ~Fresh  


“Traveling for things let’s you know how important [it] is to you.” ~Dion


You can find our guest host Bo of Padded Room Chicago at mypaddedroom.com on Facebook @PaddedRoomChicago, Twitter @PaddedRoomChi and Instagram @the_padded_room. Be sure to visit the store located at ‪2134 W 95th Street Chicago, IL and tell them the brothers of the No 4Play Show sent you.

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Prude Side Beware

Side chicks and nude resorts, we go there this episode. Writer and publishing mogul Jessica Watkins has authored over 25 urban fiction novels to date. Listen in as we discuss her most popular and controversial series Secrets of a Side B**** and the ways she handles criticism of her work, self-publishing, double standards in the perceptions of Romance novels written by white women vs black authors and more.

Listen in as we discuss:                                        

·       Handling critics of urban fiction (18:08)

·       The crossover appeal of the bad boy (23:06)

·       If our lives were audiobooks, who would tell the tale? (27:00)

·       Hedonism vacations are apparently LIT(41:40)

·       Real tips for side pieces (33:38) because we’ve seen a lot of…missteps.

Mentioned in this Episode:

David Weaver

The Tanning of America by Steve Stoute narrated by Kerry Washington

 Hedonism II Resort Jamaica

Mocha Fest

Chicago Urban Book Expo


Quotes from this Episode:

“People think that urban fiction is like Love & Hip Hop vs Oprah. ” ~ Jessica


“Side chicks, don’t bash other side chicks. Think of yourself as a union.”~ Fresh


“I don’t like swinging. I don’t like other people eating off my plate. ”~ Fresh


You can find our guest host Jessica Watkins and her publishing company at jessicawatkinspresents.com

Facebook: @jwpresents Twitter: @authorjwatkins Her books are available through her website, Amazon, and Audible.com.   

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Best Dressed in the VIP

Paris Tyler of Posh Entertainment makes her long awaited return to the No 4Play Show studio. In this episode, we discuss dress code complaints, bottle wars and Dion considers a weave high top fade. As the weather warms up and you begin starching your Sunday best for Saturday night, let us guide you in your search for a good time with no dress code and a cover charge that won’t break the bank.


Listen in as we discuss:                                        

·       Events we would host if we had it (23:24)

·       Six Degrees of Diddy Separation (31:32)

·       Goofies at the door (34:29)

·       A Grits and Biscuits PSA (41:40)

Mentioned in this Episode:

Studio Paris Nightclub

J. Prince

2017 Dreaming featuring VonJovey episode

Grits and Biscuits Party (Chicago - May 27th)


Quotes from this Episode:

“Go back and look at your homecoming pictures from college. You look like a fool. ” ~ Fresh


“Women will spare no expense when it comes to good food.” ~ Dion


“Our stories aren’t getting told…we need to build that black dollar especially.”~ Paris


You can find our guest host Paris Tyler at ParisATyler.com or hosting your next turn up at ThePoshLife.net. Click here to find upcoming Posh events.

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Future is a Big Damn Deal

While we all moved on from Nicki Minaj’s major L, Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze went live on Instagram for two hours of heated beat battle #fortheculture. Which got us to thinking, who else would we want to see in a live battle matchup? Plus, as card carrying members of #FutureHive, we break down why Future “Nayvadius Wilburn” Hendrix is a big damn deal.


Listen in as we discuss:                                        

·       Happy Anniversary to the best juke song of all time (2:26)

·       If producers battled on tour (4:00)

·       Future Hive testifies (14:30)

·       Nicki took an L. Deal with it. (40:10)

·       Rachel Dolezal finally gets the black experience she wanted…lol (43:24)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Swizz Beatz vs Just Blaze DJ Battle (video)

Lil Durk “Faneto” prod. by Chief Keef

King Louie “B.O.N.” prod. by Jack Flash

Anaheim Off Duty Police Officer Fires at Teens


Quotes from this Episode:

“Anyone who pays attention…Chicago Rap is the biggest on the internet. You [just] don’t hear them on the radio. ” ~ Dion


“Future is our negro spiritual leader. He says everything we need to hear.” ~ Fresh


“Our kids come out the womb defensive.” ~ Ant P


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Who said Remy Ma didn’t body Nicki Minaj on ‘ShEther’ (Are you DUMB??)  Who said women in music should all get along (Are you DUMB??). Battle is essential to Hip Hop. So thank you Remy Ma. And to Nicki Minaj, we’re waiting!

Plenty to discuss in this episode including rap beefs, #HurtBae, Lemonade, and the man you should be dating in your comment section.

Listen in as we discuss:

·       Why rappers recycle women (15:35)

·       ShEther (22:23)

·       Young Dolph CIAA Shooting (39:14)

·       The No 4Play Matchmaking Service is open for business (42:10)

Mentioned in this Episode:

Great Value J. Cole vs DanRue

ShEther – Remy Ma vs Nicki Minaj Beef

Jamal Mashburn & Jim Jackson vs The ‘94 Bulls  

Young Dolph CIAA Story

Quotes from this Episode:

“If you’re getting your ass beat in the club, ain’t nobody asking for your W-2.” ~Ant P


“Friends don’t let friends diss off of Hennessey” ~ Fresh

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And yes, we were serious. If you know someone with butt implants willing to discuss on the show, we want to hear from you! 

Cracking the Student Loan Code

This episode is for anyone who has ever prayed a special prayer for cyber hackers to blow up Sallie Mae’s database so we can all move on and be prosperous. Student loan debt effects nearly 40 million Americans today, with nearly 70% of bachelor degree holders graduating in debt. We have the best student loan lawyer in the business, Mr. Stanley Love Tate, Esq. on the mic, ready to share his expertise.

Listen in as we discuss:

·       Southside’s #whiteprivilege (11:00)

·       Roasting is the New Custom Handshake (20:26)

·        Loan Forgiveness Myths and Tips (24:09)

·       Radical repayment advice for private student loan borrowers (40:19)*

Mentioned in this Episode:

Tate’s latest book Made Plain: A simple guide to repaying your student loans

Tate’s web designer Sarah Huny Young and her design agency Supreme Clientele

National Student Loan Data System

The ‘Law & Order’ Episode with guest Keli Knight of KMR Law Group

The Z Summit – Coming March 11th, 2017 at the IIT McCormick Tribune Campus Center


Quotes from this show:

“No one succeeds on their own…to excel is to find someone who is better than you, more informed than you are, and leaning on them.” ~Tate

You can check out Tate Law on the web at www.tateesq.com or contact him via email at tate@tateesq.com or text him (YES, Text!) at (314) 243-8810.

Click through to find us on Facebook or Twitter @No4PlayShow. And if this episode helped you out, help us out by subscribing and leaving a review!

*Disclaimer: Just like they say you shouldn’t start a new diet or fitness routine without first consulting with your physician, be sure to take advantage of a consultation with Love before deciding to skip out on your next payment. Don’t come after No 4Play for jacking up your credit! Be smart and talk to a professional about your circumstances. 


The Boo & David Bailey Episode

The west side is showing us real love this episode with guest appearances from Loyola basketball legend point guard David Bailey and hip hop artist turned music mentor and business man Boo from the rap duo Boo & Gotti. Both drop knowledge you don’t want to miss. From taking advantage of opportunities outside of Chicago to growing up in industries that have destroyed many a man, join us as we learn how they made it through.


Listen in as we discuss:

·       Red-West Basketball wars (8:23)

·       Transitioning from Rap to Business (17:57)

·       Wisdom from Ja Rule (26:00)

·       Behind the Scenes of “Fiesta” (31:20)


Mentioned in this Episode:

Red-West High School Basketball

Randy Livingston

Will Bynum

Flee Club Chicago

Fiesta (Remix) – R. Kelly ft Jay-Z, Boo & Gotti

Last Summer – Diamond Luxe


Quotes from this Episode:

“Putting the lifestyle before the hard work…most [people] rap nowadays because of what they think they’ll get out of it instead of loving the process.” ~Boo


 “Don’t care about failing. Just get out there and do it.” ~ Boo


For more information about our guests check out:

@FleeClubChicago on Instagram / Store Location: 121 S Western / Open 11am-7pm every day

Boo Sledge on Facebook

David Bailey

@DiamondLuxeGlobal on Instagram

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Just Pop Em’

This episode we’re talking punishment whoopin’s, curfews for grownups, celebrities that don’t deserve our sympathy & more

Sometimes kids do bad things. And when they do, we have to set ‘em straight. To be honest, some people would’ve become better adults with a good popping once or twice. That said, we discuss celebs who need to be put in time out (looking at you Robin Thicke and Faith Evans), possessive baes, and what we’re doing in Trump’s America to stay sane.

Listen in as we discuss:

  • Robin Thicke. WTF. (6:14)
  • Ant P puts his foot down, and lives to tell the tale (15:09) 
  • Superbowl Predictions (24:00) 
  • Guilty Pleasures to escape your timeline full of Trump (45:17)

We still got the tax pro connect, Leslie Compton with us, @LDCTax on Twitter. Listen all the way through for the cheat codes including how to get 50% off filing your 2017 taxes.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Vertigo Lounge

Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Story 

 Jessica N. Watkins Books

Quotes from this show: 

“If y’all wanna lock me out the house then just prepare for windows to get broken.” ~Ant P

“People do get pregnant at 9am, you know that right?” ~Dion

You can find our guest host, Leslie Compton on Twitter @LDCTax and email her with any tax questions you have at Leslie@LDCTax.com. Click through to find us on Facebook or Twitter @No4PlayShow. Help us out by subscribing and leaving us a review!

Ratchet Tax Motivation

#TBTs, Tax Evasion, and Triumph over High School Reunions and Hospital Stays


It’s that time of year again. Bring on the W-2s, the double counted dependents, and the $$$$ refund checks! On this episode, we welcome the very knowledgeable Leslie Compton of LCD Tax and Accounting Company to the show. She is a master tax preparer with the degrees and receipts to prove it.

Listen in as we discuss:

·       Peaking in high school vs the quarter life glow up (6:40)

·       One host’s experience getting shook down by the IRS (15:00)

·       Future generations inherit Fresh and Ant P’s roasting legacy (18:50)

·       Getting the last laugh after a major health scare (24:19)

·       BET!!! New Edition, Who Dis? (33:42)

·       And tax tips for the culture (50:55)

Of course, we want to make sure you avoid tax audits, penalties, and jail time. Stop letting Turbo Tax play you. Listen all the way through for the cheat codes including how to get 50% off filing your 2017 taxes.

Mentioned in this Episode:

Leslie’s Ratchet Tax Mixtape Song Selection


BET’s The New Edition Story

Fresh’s Fundraiser

Quotes from this show:

“That’s when I realized I wasn’t as ugly as I thought I was…when I had options! That’s when you know you’re above ugly.” ~Ant P

“The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album is the soundtrack of girls who peaked too early” ~Dion

You can find our guest host, Leslie Compton on Twitter @LDCTax and email her with any tax questions you have at Leslie@LDCTax.com. Click through to find us on Facebook or Twitter @No4PlayShow. Help us out by subscribing and leaving us a review!

On our second edition of listener’s choice we solicited show topics from our listeners.  We talk about the black entertainers meeting with Trump. The different between being a side chick to a loyal man or a main chick to a cheater, couples splitting rent/utilities, is a 4-year university the best route after high school and we address a question posed on Facebook about why men are not making a home with the women that they have children with.      


Last month on December 18th, we held out first live podcast.  It was the coldest day of the year and we were joined by the New York Times best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi.  We talk about so many things including how she felt meeting Oprah, the success of her book “I’m Judging You” and much more.  Listen to this episode and you’ll feel like you were there with us. 

Happy New Year!  On this episode, we welcome our guest Faith Joyvon bka @VonJovey (www.vonjovey.com), a visionary, content creator and director.  She has worked with some of the most influential people including Sean Combs (Puff Daddy), Shad Moss (Bow Wow), Rick Ross and more.  We sit down and talk about our one goal for the year and ask Faith what she learned since being in the business and what she’s learned during her journey.  This is an episode about where your dreams can take you if you believe in them.    

On this episode, we sit down with Jay Illa, one of our favorite DJs.  He shares stories that could only come from someone who has been successful in the business as long as him.  We talk about some of our favorite SoChi/TGIFresh parties and what happened to the Chicago party scene.  We also talk with him about his friend and favorite DJ, Timothy Francis Jones aka Timbuck2 ahead of the second annual Timbuck2 Forever event.  If you ever wanted to take a peek inside the mind of a DJ, this is your episode.  Find Jay Illa online @JayIlla. 

On this Brother’s Over Breakfast episode we welcome our friend Terrell aka Malcolm Romney where he discusses his holiday homeless drive.  We also announce our guest for the live broadcast on December 18th: Awesomely Luvvie.  We also talk about the T.I., Tiny and Floyd Mayweather triangle and whether you can have a friend of the opposite sex who disrespects your spouse.  We also talk about J. Cole’s new singles which call out Kanye West and his friend Wale.  We also ask the men could they date somebody that was more famous than them.  And we touch on the Walter Scott verdict and the road rage shooting of Joe McKnight. 

On this episode of The No 4Play Show, we talk about requirements for a 90s party.  Then we talk about Fresh’s blog on talking about the different viewpoints on “talking” from the both sexes.  We talk the passing of Fidel Castro and a report that says 13% of black men voted for Donald Trump.  We talk about Kanye West’s meltdown; Ant has no patience for it and Dion asks for Kanye to come home.    

“Kevin Hart don’t need you shares, I need your shares” © Comedian T. Murph

On this episode, we are joined by comedian T. Murph who has graced the stages of BET Comic View, Key & Peele, Chicago Fire and headlined shows as far reaching as Dubai.  We sit down with T. Murph to talk about comedy in 2016 and have a discussion about our favorite comics of all time.  We also talk about the current events at Standing Rock and recap our "Thanksgiving" holiday.  Fresh pays tribute to his friend Roy Love who was recently a victim of senseless violence.  Check out T Murph at: http://iamtmurph.com.       

On this episode, we start off inadvertently talking about music.  We talk about Pusha T, Drake, Kanye and more.  Then we talk about the election results as we are joined by our Florida political correspondent, Mike.  He talks about the election results in Florida and then Mike & Fresh spar about their conflicting views on the validity of the political process for black people.  We discuss how every racial act is making every racist famous and do we agree with that trend?  Then we tackle the topic that has been over social media: couples splitting household bills. 

On this episode we talk about Ant P’s struggle with watching the Cubs.  Fresh talks about his issues with the Golden State Warriors.  Dion discusses “Birth of a Nation.”  We talk about women who are upset when their friends get into relationships and lose their best friend to their boyfriend.  We discuss the article that highlights 10 times where it’s dope as hell to be a black man.  We talk about the state of black TV and our favorite shows.  Dion also proposes a live podcast for people who’ve seen “Birth of a Nation” and “13.”

This conversation was needed. Domestic Violence is one of the ugliest parts of our lives. It affects 1 in 4 women, 1 in 7 men and countless lives of relatives and children have been affected. The men of No 4Play sit down with Mary Ann Johnson of “Bible Talk with Mary” and Danielle Hopkins-Coffey of the Virsterious Woman organization to have an open and honest dialogue about domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

On this episode we are in unfamiliar territory as Dion admits something about his beloved Drake after seeing him & Future on the Summer 16 tour. Fresh is still in the afterglow of Kanye West after the Saint Pablo tour. We talk about Solange’s new album “A Seat at the Table,” the world being obsessed with Odell Beckham Jr. showing some emotion and the reaction to Donald Trump’s “locker room talk.”

Theperfectcadence.org - We catch up with George & Suheily of theperfsectcadence.org ahead of their second annual Rhythm and Brews event, which occurs on Monday, September 26th.  We discuss the event, the organization "The Perfect Cadence" then we do some catching up where Dion runs off a list of rants, including his phone conversation with Facebook.  And we cap off the episode talking about Colin Kaepernick and his protest of the national anthem.

On this episode we welcome back Besties & Brunch and this time they turn the tables as they interview the men of The No 4Play Show.  Sit back and enjoy the lovely ladies of Besties & Brunch putting us in the hot seat!  Be prepared for more stories that probably wouldn't have been revealed without the help of Tito's Vodka being in the studio!

On this episode we welcome our special guests: Besties & Brunch, 5 black women who have started a blog that features content on all aspects of life.  They introduce themselves, describe each other and tell the story of how their blog came to be.  Then we venture down a road of no return as they ask us about cheating men’s response to cheating.  We finish the episode with a discussion on the infamous topic: The Hoe Fax.

On this episode we talk about the So Gone Challenge, the incredible run that Chance the Rapper is on where he seems to be able to do no wrong.  We talk about rapper’s freestyling and the younger rappers approach to freestyling including Lil Yachty & Lil Uzi Vert.  We talk about our sleeper R&B songs of all time that we would pull out to impress our friends.  Then we all play a sleeper song as well.  We discuss what makes sex bad from a man’s point of view and what age does a person gain confidence in their own sexuality.  We also discuss the relationships men have with children of the women when dating.  We also give the fuckboy of the month award to Shad Moss aka Bow Wow.

On this episode we welcome actress and film maker Lauren Nicole (@mzLaurenNicole).  She talks about her dream roles as an actress and her upcoming documentary that focuses on growing up in Chicago. We debate whether there is an actual East Side to Chicago.  Which side of the city produces the best basketball players and the bias against the North Side of Chicago.  We also discuss the fiasco that is the Rio Olympics.  And Fresh adds a rant about people who spoil TV shows on social media!

On this episode we welcome guest “Career Tips with Krys” to give us some career advice. First w detour to talk about the importance of high schools in Chicago and Lane Tech (the pride of the north side) vs. Whitney Young (one of the most celebrated schools in Chicago’s history). Then we dive into all things career related. When should you look for a new job, interview & resume etiquette and when you should ask for a raise. What hiring managers and recruiters are looking for, company culture, the importance of LinkedIn and more. If you are looking for increase, change or just looking to navigate your career by working smarter this is a show you’ll love.

What happens when you get the guys of The No 4Play Show in the studio with a Sexpert known as The Glamazon Tyomi who writes for Ebony.com and Playboy?  We cover so much in this episode, we talk about her riding classes that she travels around the world to teach, we talk about mistakes that men & women make during sex, cuffing season and our new favorite phenomenon DNC (Dick & Company).  We talk about tongue exercises to increase your oral performance and she shares stories about Karrine Steffans, Mr. Marcus, Misti Stone and her experiences in kink and fetishes.  Check out her site: Glamerotica101.com and on twitter at @Glamazontyomi.  This is truly our wildest episode.

“Everything Ain’t Hardcore!”  We talk about the return of Power & Ballers, our favorite Rap and R&B duos and the greatness of Uncle Nate Dogg.  We tackle a dating topic where relationships tend to fizzle out and the man is blamed because of the belief that men were taught that love is a feeling or emotion instead of a decision.  We spoke about Obama’s Town Hall meeting on ABC about police shootings.  Then we give our fuckboy of the week award to a combination of Memphis Bleek, his accountant and Jay Z.

Finally, we're back in the studio! We talk about Baby Future kissing Russell Wilson on the mouth and calling him papa. We addressing the cancellation of the biggest BBQ of the Summer in Chicago and we talk about Dion reaching maximum creep level on Instagram. Then we had to talk about Pokemon Go, the boycott of Target & Coca-Cola. We introduce our new segment: Fuckboy of the Week and recipients of the award Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan.

The brothers of The No 4Play Show got together last night. We just set up in Fresh's living room and put a mic at the table because we had to talk, we had to vent about the terrible, murder of Alton Sterling. It turned into a sharing of ideas, experiences and just getting things off our chest. It was an open and honest discussion. We hope you can listen, correspond are share in the dialogue. Peace & Be Safe.

On this episode of The No 4Play Show we are joined by some of our 20 year plus brothers Bradley aka Mr. Write and Big Mike Johnson. We congratulate our good friend on the wedding and talk about the different cast of characters you see at a wedding and everything wonderful that comes with black weddings. With it being the July 4th weekend, we talk about the violence in Chicago. Then the news breaks during the podcast about Kevin Durant signing to the Golden State Warriors.

On this episode we welcome our guest Darrell Murray aka The Arkutec an artist and founder of the Celebration of Life Foundation. He shares the story about the shooting that changed his life and inspired him to start the Celebration of Life Foundation, 12 years ago. We talk about dating in college: when our friends became hoes, being too nice to date and dating someone because you’re bored. We talk about long distance relationships and breaking hearts. Ant P brings up the topic of who pays on the first date, women approaching men first and more!

In times of crisis, real friends come together for fellowship. The Derrick Rose trade signaled a time of crisis. The No 4Play Show held a special episode on his behalf and most importantly Ant's behalf. Experience a rant from Ant like none other, as he lives true to his motto: Rose Before Hoes.

On this episode of The No 4Play Show, find out while Fresh is on probation from the podcast. He is replaced on this episode by Tierra aka Tank, who takes full reigns of her substitute hostess duties. We talk about Ayehsa Curry’s twitter fiasco and Stephen A. Smith’s response to it. We talk about the perception of Lebron vs. Curry and Ant has a message for Lebron fans that live in Chicago. We talk about our celebrity crushes, the Disneyworld alligator situation and the mass shooting at Pulse Night Club in Orlando and the social media reaction. Ant sends a special Father’s Day shout-out and Dion gives his event of the week.

On this episode we welcome one of the best artists in Chicago, singer/songwriter/artist Jack Red (www.lifeofjackred.com) ! He shares stories with us about performing at Saturday Night Live, Lollapalooza and his extensive musical journey. We talk about Gucci Mane coming home, we answer a question one of our listener’s submitted about the dating process being hard due to the male ego. Fresh says no more neck kisses, Ant says it’s time for people to buy their own damn event tickets and Dion shares a life hack to get all of the Chicago Summer events on your Gmail calendar. Remember to rate & subscribe to The No 4Play Show on iTunes.

On this episode we are joined by guest Shaneika Speaks and she talks about her media career and her best and worst interviews (hint: one is J. Cole and one is Chief Keef). We declare it over for JAY Z’s rap career. We talk about Muhammad Ali’s legacy and influence. We also tackle the issue that took the internet by storm this week: The Gorilla or the Child. We also introduce our new “event of the week” segment.

The Realest Talk. Listen as we welcome artist, Brandon "Real T@lk" Williams. He discusses rapping for Andre 3000, touring with Big Boi and everything else he's involved in. We also discuss Chance the Rapper's triumphant release "Coloring Book" and that leads us to discuss our best jukes in history as we reminisce about Nitro and college night at the 50-yard line. We also discuss the importance of a male influence & the importance of a "village" when it comes to dating.

On this episode of @theno4playshow we are joined by a very special guest, Attorney Keli Knight of @KMRLawGroup, the law firm who made headlines after starting with a tweet! Keli. brought along another special guest "Choparoo." We talked about the start of KMR and people of color not using lawyers enough. We also discussed the legacy of Bad Boy Records and the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. We also talked about our best juke in history!