Hella Disrespectful

I should have named this piece "The Return of Larry Legend!" Lawrence hive they have been holding us back a couple episodes but we back in this mufucka! Throw you blue shirts in the air and spin em like ah helicopter!!! LOL ok ok I quit. I'll explain the joy that is in my heart a little later but let's get right into this episode. Define childish. Issa and Molly clearly overreacting to the money shot Issa caught last episode right? I mean that ain't really my style to let off like but even the women on the TL are screaming "Grow up!" Now either I follow some down right freaks or some women who just know that's all part of "the game." But these two ladies ready to do damage like a life was threatened. I would love you all's opinion on this. Issa said she stupid and embarrassed because she wanted to show him he's special. Giving head is only reserved for special guys and not apart of sex anymore? I have gotten old fast. 

While speaking on her embarrassing moment Issa also learns about Molly not so shining moment as well. Molly informs Issa that she is currently still having sex with Dro (Dro means good weed could this be a sexual innuendo as well? 🤔🤔) and doesn't see herself stopping any time soon. Now let's look at our once so strong woman Molly. Remember how she was too strong for a man? But now she is a shell of her former self, o my how the mighty have fallen. She has become a glorified sex buddy of Dro's. I remember the world clowning Tasha for being a jumpoff for Larry Legend, but Molly out here bussin' down like a cheerleader in high school for a Quarterback! We will come back to Molly.



The invite for Candice and Derek's dinner party. Tiffany gives Issa a heads up that Lawrence is going to be there and if she is cool with it. Awkward Issa then tries to search for Lawrence on Facebook only to find out she has been blocked! Which leads to one of her most funniest mirror raps. "You fixed your pussy ass fingers to block me my nigga like you Mutombo my nigga" Pure comedy. But what supposed to happen? If we break up I don't want to be your friend on social media anymore! TF! I don't think I became friends with my ex on social media until like 4 years later. Not that we even had a messy breakup but you don't want to know if their living better without you LOL!!!


Sorry if it seems like I'm picking on Issa or this show is just doing a great job of making her the most hated this season, because when Daniel calls her phone I still believe this is classic overreacting. Got this man down on his knees begging for her forgiveness for a sexual act that she blessed him with. And I kinda feel bad for Daniel because he actually likes Issa but she keeps playing him. First she had an itch that needed to be scratched then she basically told him this ain't that. He hits her with the "we're even" like and she goes ape shit. I don't think he busted on her purposely, I think he was just speaking on since it happened type of thing. Poor guy can't win for losing.


This dinner party deserves a commentary and a research paper all by itself! Hunty. When Larry Legend shows up with Aparna you could hear an ant piss on grass! So many side eye moments. Issa facial expressions are priceless at this dinner table. And Molly isn't too far behind. As a unit the girls aren't looking too good this night. And things will only get worse...Was Lawrence wrong for bringing a plus one? I don't think so. Because if Issa would've brought a guy there wouldn't have been a problem because she is the home team. The home team can never do anything wrong. Take it from a guy who has been in Lawrence situation and wanted to whoop the whole house because of sneak dissing and giggling but that's a different story that will be in my memoirs LOL. 



This conversation here has stirred up so much controversy. We can all look back at when Jordan did the right to left switch hand layup against the Lakers in the Finals and said to ourselves he's made it. He's the greatest. When Lawrence said "probably not as much time as you spent being a f*cking ho" we knew one day his jersey would go up in the rafters with the other greats. Let's make this clear Lawrence was wrong in no kind of a way. He didn't even want beef but Issa attacked right away. I didn't think he was parading Aparna around or trying to cause trouble. But I'll tell you one thing I believe Lawrence is truly hurt and still loves Issa very much. And that was a low blow her bringing up Woot Woots LOL!! Lettuce pray for these two to get it together.



I couldn't end this without speaking on the Molly and Dro quickie. What has Molly become? Quick sessions in a restaurant bathroom. While his girl out drinking a Derek at the table. Sheesh. And I had high hopes for Lil Rell and Molly but she even playing him too. Used his lines and popcorn on Dro. SMFH.

With the utmost pride and sincerity,