Hella Open

This episode opens up with the whole world yelling "LEHGO ISSA" as she is hooking up with Luke James! James seems to still be in character from his New Edition days because this the worst curl I've seen since Baron Davis! But back to it, Issa is not ready for this "Hoe Phase" at all. Giggling uncontrollably during foreplay she decides she can't do this and leaves a shirtless Luke James to just wonder what if and did he need a new bottle of Carefree Curl. 

I wanna discuss Molly. I believe she gets overlooked on the show because we're all just waiting for more of the Lawrence/Issa tug of war. This character has also been going through this season. She is also in need of a relationship but may be "too much" for men at the time. Molly is also dealing with being not being paid equal to her male counterparts at work. Ironic when you think about it. Too much of a man to get a man but not man enough to get paid like one. Sheesh. Poor child. Her mind is all over the place and ditching therapy may not have been a good idea. Maybe she can teach Issa to hoe though.

Define comedy. When Issa and Molly go to the club to pick up guys and Issa says she not looking like these other women and a woman walks past in the same exact outfit. Hilarious! Club Scene was another fail for Issa as well. From horrible pick up lines to being the spot holder chick. A spot holder chick is a The chick who takes the attention from a guy so two other people can talk. Teamwork makes the dream work.

So what's going on with our boy Lawrence? This episode really confirmed everything us fellas knew. We knew Lawrence never really wanted a relationship with Tasha. Too bad it took liquid courage for him to tell her what we all knew. Garden tool shit. He tried the family BBQ but slipped out like a thief in the night. At that point, he realized this all was too much. I can't really ride with Lawrence on this episode because I'm a firm believer in communication. He should've let it be known he didn't want anything serious instead of stringing Tasha along. But hey he is new to this "playa" thing. Fuck nigga no. Idiot yes.

Whole time Issa was plotting on some big headed cat who lived downstairs in her complex. She uses a phone charger as a prop to get into buddy crib. Funny to see Issa trying to work her number. But she goes in that mirror gives herself a pep talk via rap and lets that inner Thot out. Thee worst sex scene I have ever seen in my life!! Buddy asks can he titty f*ck!! I screamed so loud laughing. Then hits her with the first position you learn Junior year of high school, that good ol' wheelbarrow. Between those horrible white ankle socks and Issa head inside the headboard, I guess it was a good session. Issa wakes up with her natural all out of place and slips out. Just to text another guy. #HoeIsLife

With the utmost pride and sincerity,