Hella Blows

Yoooooooo we byke!! First off I like to say this episode was dope on so many levels! So let's get right to it. This has been one of my most anticipated blogs by the way. A high school friend of mine texted me the night of like "come on now hurry with the blog. Damn." LOL got u big head. We start the show off with Dro spitting that real game at Molly. If I can interject real fast. A quick lesson in being a player. In a situation like this when you have a Molly on the hook and she doesn't really know if she with the shits you have to keep your foot on the gas don't give her any space to start thinking. We like to call this the "Kentucky Press." Back to the show.

Fast forward to awkward ass Issa. Still trying to run her hotation she hits a bump in the road. She texts our boy Daniel, who she dissed for the second time, and he waves her off like I'm busy. Then, our friend from downstairs who's into titty fucking and wheelbarrowing looks like he may get caught in her spider web tonight. Of course, she gives herself the awkward pep talk before going to this young man's house UNANNOUNCED!! Ladies number one no-no DO NOT COME TO A MAN'S UNANNOUNCED! This is why having sex with someone in the same complex as you should never ever happen. I can imagine how embarrassing that was to her. Or maybe not cuz Fresh ain't pulling no stunts like that. Issa can't keep breaking these playa rules with consequences.



I know I'm part of the Lawrence hive but this kid Dro is impressive! The way he is navigating this situation with Molly is how legends are made. Everybody on this show needs to take lessons from Dro! She hitting him with crazy scenarios and he's bobbing and weaving like Floyd Mayweather (50-0 LEHGO CHAMP) She asks what if she wants to see other people, Dro calmly says cool, you have to do what you want. She also asks have he ever been with another Molly and he says nah, only one but if we asking if I had sex with other women.....come on now. YOU BETTER FLOAT YOUNG MAN!! This is the true definition of casual sex. Communicating. He is never giving Molly a chance to believe she can be number one.



Shoutout to the girl Tiffany! Can someone tell me how old the women on this show are? These women really saying they don't suck penis, but wonder why they're single. Tiffany gives the girls pep talks on how oral sex puts the woman in control over the man. Now Fresh wouldn't say control, but the quickest way to get an UberEATS meal with no frowns is to suck the wifi out of a guy! Amazing to me this day and age women still out here ducking the beast. Grow up. Give head save a life.

Issa finally gets up with the boy Daniel. Guess the hotation is back in order! After a few drinks Awkward Issa gets some liquid courage. Issa becomes ultra aggressive with Daniel and decides to test out Tiffany's theory on this wonderful evening. She gets right to it. Goes to the penis like a moth to a flame. Daniel boots were suspended in mid air and he moaning "oh shit girl" like we all do when it's a bomb. Then......it happened! He forewarned her "I'm about to come" and as soon as Issa lifted up like a Roman candle exploding in your face, Daniel let off on Issa's face! Pretty sure I've never seen that on tv, but Issa goes off!! I didn't ask for this! Fuck you! Throwing clothes at him and all,but he's not pressed cuz he just busted. Issa just got fucked over this whole episode and I'm pretty sure her backers are ready to abandon ship!! LOL I love it!!!!


I didn't bring up Lawrence this episode, because his storyline is getting boring. We did not come here for no software fam. Bring back Larry Legend!!

With the utmost pride and sincerity,