Hella Shook

First off, I like to say thank you to everybody who has been rocking with the blogs!! Thank you all so much and remember sharing is caring!!! Let's get right to it. This episode opens up with Daniel and Issa tongue kissing like a drunk night after the club. I feel this relationship has been met with mixed emotions. I hear a lot of people rooting them on and some who said get Daniel ass up out the paint. I would love to hear you all's thoughts on this affair. The after sex scene with Daniel nibbling on her ear shows some potentially dangerous sign. Fuck buddies don't suck earlobes. Just a quick FYI. We shall see.......

Next, we have a very key conversation between Issa and Molly. Issa is really bragging about her new "hotation" with Daniel, neighbor Bae, and potentially Foreign Homie Bae. This is a slippery slope Issa is sliding down, because gambling with your vagina like this can end up in a crap out. Coming from a guy who has thrown his wee wee on the crap table many of nights in my back sliding days I can tell you nothing good can come from this.  During this conversation, Molly mentions her father going out for his vow renewal ceremony. This will be key later. 


So when you're bored in court what else do you do besides scroll through Facebook? My boy Lawrence was bored at jury duty and slips up and sees a picture of Issa and Daniel talking in the background of a picture. Now if this was Fresh I would go off!!! If I saw you with the guy who was a "mistake" somebody gots to die! I don't care if we ain't together no more in my mind y'all been juicing for years now. Now I been getting played for years in my mind!! Issa would have got called everything but a child of God. Say what y'all want but I don't play like that. So Lawrence took the next step, he went lurking on Daniel's Facebook page to see what he could see. Now Fresh doesn't agree with that I'm not doing all that plus my thumbs tweak sometimes fuck around and like a picture by mistake LOL. Team No Lurk over here. 

Then the conversation with Derek. Hate seeing my boy like this. We as men never want to be at this stage Lawrence is at now. A feeling of helplessness. The feeling your little dandelion was getting deflowered the whole time. I think I just shed a thug tear. But I'm going to be strong here. Hearing Derek rationalizing the cheating by saying Lawrence wasn't on his shit so he could see why Issa cheated. Chile plz. Issa and Lawrence had bad communication. Show me where she told him about his flaws. She has been wanting to crack Daniel. And found a reason to do so. Look, ladies, if a man is not fulfilling his half of the deal in a relationship LEAVE!! Don't stay and cheat just be rid of the situation altogether. Same goes for fellas. Don't stay in anything toxic when the front door is 7 steps away. Remember that. 



Let's discuss the most troubled character on the show. Molly. She tries so hard to be perfect that it is literally messing her life up. She wants the perfect job, the perfect man, the perfect parents just perfect everything. She finds out her Pops cheated on her Mom before and loses it. Guess life can't be perfect if her father cheated before. Nothing ever seems to go right. So if you're having a bad day what do you do? Make it 10 times worst! Sleep with a married man who you're already super attached too and leave another guy at your parents house. So if life can't be perfect just fuck it huh. Literally! Molly lost points from me on this one but I see women cheering her on. Savages. No 21.

To wrap this show up Issa being Issa gets a surprise dicture while driving and gets into a fender bender. The first person she reaches out to is Daniel. Daniel concerned drops everything and runs to her rescue. Embraces her and tells her he would always be there. Instantly, Issa began to Issa! "You know what this is right?" She wants to be a bussa so bad!! So she slightly curves Daniel, who seems to have caught some feelings (remember the ear lobe sucking) We will see how this goes going forward. You know I hate Issa so "forget" ha! Lawrence pick yo head up, my boy! We still here for you!!


With the utmost pride and sincerity,