Hella L.A.

WE BYKE! I'm so thirsty to get to this episode, so we will get right to it. Side note: I try to watch every episode at least three times and with Closed Captions on so I don't miss anything I recommend this to everybody. The episode opens up with the ladies pregaming for a "Kiss-N-Grind" day party. And Fresh must admit Issa is looking real edible in this halter top and high-waisted skirt number! Moving on....Issa gives Kelli her roster breakdown, yes our girl Issa has somehow someway come up with a whole team. Has she embraced Hoe is Life? She boasting over some dude name Felix who looks like a Great Value version of Fresh, who she met on a dating site. They will link at the day party. I'm really interested in hearing how these Tinder dates go so if you ever been on feel free to reach out to me. Funny hearing Issa with these hoe plans tho.

Sooooo Issa was so awkward to me this episode. She really acting like a little thotty. She had to say she trying to fuck or get fucked 20 times this episode! But hey live life suga. Even talked about fuckin a bouncer. Back to the realism of this show. The girls walk in their section in the "cheap seats." Immediately some girls try to sit down in their section real life shit LOL. This the moment Issa spots Daniel. The plot thickens. At this point, I believe Issa back with the shits because she just in heat at this point. But does she give herself too much credit? She really thought Daniel would be upset with her and there would be drama. But nah. Daniel super cool she may not be though. Women, men can fuck and not have any emotions, just a quick tidbit there. 

So I'm guessing this whole day party isn't going the way Issa imagined. No Daniel drama, but wait it's time to meet the new guy Felix. Instantly that Issa awkwardness kicks in. Awkward hug then gets an awkward look from Felix. Then the whole conversation is awkward. Felix feels like he has been catfished and decides to move around. See this why I want to hear feedback from these Tinder dates. Was the date how you thought it would be? Was the person weird? Did y'all juice? But wait the best part of the day party......My boy Dro came for Molly. Basically telling her he was in an open marriage and we should get out here together. Crazy right. The reactions from the crew are priceless. Issa making light of the situation saying at least they're both honest.  Kelli so funny talking about she wants to hit Derek LOL. But Molly with the shits too. As the crew is leaving the day party she raps with Dro. Typical parking lot pimping convo too. Watcha on after this....going home....imma text you....ok. Easy work for Dro.

What we all been waiting for my boy Lawrence!!   Lawrence showed me a lot this episode. He showed me he has a jag, a bachelor pad, and is a coochie magnet. Also, very quick on his feet. Did y'all peep him changing that music to classical when he got pulled over. Nice. But let's get to it. Our boy Larry Legend had a blonde moment (you'll catch that later) where he misplaced his debit card. And in an embarrassing turn of events two young white ladies offer to pay for his beverages at the store. He accepts. They catch him in the lot and say let's kick it. Couple shots later, prolly a line of Coke and a few hits of the blunt Lawrence goes 1980s porn star. Our boy is multitasking with said two girls getting it cracking. One chick is overly loud and over talking (makes my penis soft) screaming she squirting, she loves his meat, she's numb, all kind of recklessness. Then our man releases. Girl B attempts to have sex but that ship has sailed. Now the controversy. I've been reading all the "Lawrence can't fuck" statuses. Ladies relax y'all rooting for this man to lose so bad because Issa is doing a horrible job at this whole "Hoe is Life" bit. Chile plz. Lawrence was just King Ding A Ling when he was hitting Tasha with them death strokes, remember. At this age a second round is a blessing. And it definitely ain't happening 3 seconds later. Lemme get a shot and a bottle of water first. Damn. Do your thing Lawrence we rooting for you!! But he did let us down being in front of Issa crib. 


Lastly. I think the whole after the club diner scene was dope as fuck! Reminds me so much of them after the club White Palace nights. S/O to Kelli for getting finger banged at the table. Nice. Live your life suga. Here we also seen the lustyness in Molly's eyes while texting Dro, but she declined his invitation. She going though. Issa ends up sitting next to Daniel as the show fades to black we will stay tuned to see how that relationship goes.....

With the utmost pride and sincerity,