Hella Questions

This week's episode opens up with Issa telling Molly our boy Lawrence came through and laid the murder game down. The problem is Issa is probably more confused than ever after those 20 strokes of greatness. She literally has no clue of what's going on. No calls and a couple of blew off texts on making things more confusing for her. Not to mention Molly is not making anything better. PSA ladies don't always run and tell your friends everything because they will make your problem their problem and this only makes things worse. Wise words from a decent man. Then cut to Lawrence working out and being confused himself! So he, not the stone cold killer we thought he was. He too is going through the motions of the random encounter.

The next scene has us at Tiffany's event at the museum with the ladies discussing Issa once again. Tiffany halfway explains that she and Derrick had a rough patch last year but doesn't give full details, which goes back to what was said earlier don't disclose all information with your friends!! When Issa states she was in the wrong and has to give Lawrence space to forgive the eye rolls were real and you can hear the collective groans of women across the world. I would only agree with her on this point if they did not have sex. Once the sex was had this idea is null and void. Can't give a guy space and vagina, those two things should be mutually exclusive. Then there is ol' Pillow Talkin Ass Derrick! He told Tiffany who told Kelli who told the group about Tasha. Sheesh. Fellas do better. We will get back to this...

I give all the credit in the world to Issa for going to Lawrence's friend house to look for him. I'm not a fan of the pull-up, but that showed confidence for her to actually pull up. Then we cut to where Lawrence really is. Caked up on the couch with Tasha. I believe Tasha was ready to tell Lawrence his free trial is up but didn't know how to approach him about it. Sent that subtle hint about inviting him over to a family BBQ. And then for the first time, I felt sorry for my boo Tasha. Larry Legend told her about him and Issa having sex the other day. Her little cute face was so sad, made me say "F*CK LAWRENCE" but then I said she ain't going nowhere tho.

Insert True Detective Issa. After lurking Tasha's social media pages Issa finds out where the young lady works. At Lawrence's bank and right across from his job at Best Buy. Who knows what the actual plan was but Issa freezes up and gets a call from Molly telling her the plan for her to link and talk to Lawrence went left. Lawrence told Molly it's over and he is not coming back. Double whammy. Poor twist out having baby. So she decides to throw that little cat on the crap table and instant messages a guy off Tinder "tryna f*ck." Sheesh. Emotional cooter so bad. And aw yeah Tasha probably feeding Lawrence as we speak. Until next week people peace out.

With the utmost pride and sincerity,