Hella Great

First off lemme pay homage to Lawrence the Gawd!!! S/O to the big homie for lifting the brothers up one Sunday at a time!! So this was the Season Premiere of Insecure. This season begins with Issa trying to get her life back in order by going on different dates with different guys. These dates show her range of emotions after her breakup with Lawrence. Clearly shows she still feels guilty about the messy breakup. 

Next up we see Molly in therapy, which seems to be a waste of time because she won't open up. This is like her third therapist. Usually the blacks don't seek professional help, which is a major problem. Prayer and church can only get us so far but let's not stray off the path. Issa then communicates to Molly that she has been comparing every guy to Lawrence. Real life issue. I mean Lawrence is all she has known for years until Dark Knight swooped in an performed her in the studio. Least Lawrence got Tasha out here calling him Zaddy!

Tasha out here really being the bounce back/emergency nut chick. Lawrence is basically using her to unload his clip. Based on the spread out days of them meeting and the animal sex on a full size bed. She just looks happy to finally be around a guy she has been digging for a while. Real life issue. Even Lawrence's friend notices him using Tasha. Hell he using him to sleeping on an air mattress in his living room!

Issa decides to throw a wine down/ Plus 1 party at her place. The purpose of this party was for everyone to bring a single friend then it would become a "union" event. Molly introduces a guy to Issa who she completely blows off. The Lawrence Factor is still in full effect! Hell Issa's plus one was her brother Ahmad. Then to top it off Issa thought she cooked up a scam good enough to get Lawrence to come over. When he sends the text he can't make it she's instantly deflated. 

Enter the Bloods!!! This two minute segment prolly was the funniest part of this week's episode from Thug Yoda calling Issa's friend Kelly "bute and thick" to "bonnecting to the speaker." His character is hilarious and a great addition to the show "bitch I got kids too turn up!"

Now to the epic conclusion! Lawrence finally decides to come get his mail. Issa answers the door with a pajama top and boy cut shorts on. Whole time she has a please do something to me look on her face. Really awkward. Meanwhile Lawrence has the look of a QB who just threw 3 touchdown passes easily. He scams his way inside the house by saying he left something in the bathroom. (Ex boyfriend trick #8) Then proceeds to f*ck the wifi out of Issa! Giving her the best 21 pumps of her life. After the sex, he hits her with the classic "I gotta go" line. Prolly cruised all the way back to his air mattress playing Gucci Mane x I'm A Dog. Issa is left even more confused but smiles a bit because she needed that session. Real life issue.

With the utmost pride and sincerity,