The 5 Fans You Hate During the NBA Finals

Finally after what some fans are calling one of the worst playoff years ever, were are able to see what everyone knew was coming as soon as Kevin Durant turned heel and left OKC for Golden State.  An NBA Finals matchup between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors.  Regardless of the Boston Celtics fighting spirit, regardless of how well the Spurs season went, we knew it would lead to this.  We are watching and waiting to see who will prevail and most importantly we are all commentators on social media.  As much as we hate watching the game with these 5 types of people, sports wouldn't be sports without them.  It unites us, divides us, brings us back together and all the while we've bonded over memories and history.  


1.  The "Lebron is the Goat  and if you don't think he's the GOAT you're a hater" Fan.  

We know this person, Lebron is the GOAT.  He has easily surpassed Kobe and they MIGHT even say he has surpassed Michael Jeffery Jordan.  Lebron always makes the right basketball plays, says the right things and he is the end all, be all when it comes to basketball.  You can't tell this person shit about Lebron, he is the KING.  You have to hear their every gripe, they even want to know why Lebron not the MVP for the 2017 season.  The worst part about this guy, when Lebron does something that is bad on the basketball court, instead of owning it, they bring up the flaws of other players.  When Lebron butted up against the Celtics in Game 3 of the 2017 Eastern Conference finals, these fans brought up bad games from MJ & Kobe, nice try my guy.  keep holding up that jock strap.  



2.  The "KD is the biggest traitor since Judas and I hate his guts" Fan.  

We get it my guy,  In the sports world, you want to call KD scum, he is not a competitor, he's a turncoat a traitor.  You feel that what he did to Russ is worse than what Nino did to G-Money in New Jack City, worse than what Bishop did to Steel in Juice!  KD is the worst and you don't want to see him win anything until he has atoned for his Judas behavior.  You don't want to see KD or anything he touches turn to gold and even if you aren't a Lebron fan, seeing KD win would hurt your heart.  So in game 1 of the finals when he was gliding to the basket like a gazelle, taking flight light Dr. J, stroking 3s and looking back to Ms. Sex With Me, Rihanna.  You smiled on the inside but on the outside, you yelled: "fuck KD."  


3.  The "I don't care who wins, but I told you who was gonna win, after they win" Fan.

This guy.  He is probably a fan of a team that didn't sniff the finals like the lowly Lakers or Knicks.  They may not even have a team that they root for, just the random players that they like.  You hate to watch the game with them because they don't make predictions before hand, but during the game they are talking more than the commentators filled with "I Told You So" and "You Knew This Was Going to Happen" type of lines.  This guy usually thinks he's smart but we all see through him, pick a side homie.  


4.  The "I got high school letters in basketball from Polk High and if you never played sports don't talk me" Fan.

They made a whole TV show about this guy, his name was Al Bundy.  That is the person who played sports before there was YouTube and all these sites that profiled amateur players.  There is not internet record of their exploits, but they will tell you they know the game better than you.  They will talk about their intramurals games as if they were filled with the intensity of the NCAA Final Four matchups.  Or they will talk to you as if the 3rd graders they coached needed the genius of Phil Jackson and Tex Winter for them to win.  We get it, you have more knowledge than the average fan, but can you please not talk to us like you're the Wizard of Westwood.  


5.  The "Lebron will never be better than Jordan so I'm going to act like he's an average player" Fan.  Also known as the "I'm going to find all the faults in the best player in the league's game just because I don't like him" Fan.  

Somehow in 2017 these people still exist.  Jay Z once famously said: "These [dudes] haters and I made myself so easy to love."  I was once a Lebron hater, but after some highlight induced therapy I found the root of my hate.  He was a threat to my favorite players:  Kobe and Magic.  He was an improvement on the design of Magic and he did more on the court than Kobe.  He was a freak of nature, who lived up to the hype and did everything right off the court.  And now he may be playing the best most efficient basketball of his career and while we can joke about his poor performance on some 1 game out of 90, some of you are serious.  I could list his accomplishments but you will pick at it, so I won't.  Just know you'll miss Lebron when he's gone.