The Romphim: Questions Answered by The No 4Play Show

The Romphim has taken over our news cycle the past day and a half and The No 4Play Show was asked to give our take it.  First we were ashamed because the Romphim was originated and will be manufactured in Chicago.  But we decided to talk about it anyway...


Give us your tweet length initial reaction when you found out about the man romper?

Ant P: What in the Broadway & Halsted is this shit here?! And how will one pee quickly?!

Fresh: Man what in the Sean Connery chest hair on James Bond is going on here?!

Dion: Somebody Uncle Maurice gonna wear that shit to the house picnic


Can rompers ever be acceptable men fashion?

Ant P: I me stubborn but not with me. Idgaf. Why the fuck are grown men wanting to wear onesies now? What little member person is behind this?! But of course in the name of wanting to be different somebody will try this.

Fresh: In my opinion, hell nope. But I've seen men wear a lot worst if that sounds any better.

Dion: Nah, bro, nah.  Everything about a man in a romper says "Toot that thang up, mommy, make it roll, Once you pop, pop, lock it for me, girl, get low"


What is the worst possible outcome for a man wearing a romper?

Ant P: I mean obviously the whole urinating thing comes to mind. I've heard stories of how women damn near get naked to pee in the club wearing one; who tf wants to see that in a men's bathroom?! And even worse how is one supposed to get head in the whip now with a god damn ROMPHIM ON?! HOW DARE YALL TRY TO TAKE CAR HEAD AWAY FROM ME. I MEAN US. DAMN.

Fresh: The worst possible outcome would be a man having to pee with no bathroom around. How can one public urinate without embarrassing himself. Ass naked pissing in an alley.

Dion: Can you imagine a night out and a dude off the drank, about to give out some Henny dick and then bam, that zipper gets caught on his man meat.  


What do you think about women who will date dudes with man rompers or just think it's a nice look on men? 

Ant P: I find this to be the most amusing shit ever. First, men aren't masculine enough and y'all need more manly men. But then on today "well I think the Romper looks kinda cute on you, y'all just mad cuz y'all can't rock it". No wanch. Stfu. Statements like that get made and it makes you wonder do women want husbands or really gay male best friends. And nothing wrong with that. Just let us know. Damn. 

Fresh: they secretly have a girlfriend. They wear the pants in all their relationships. And they have sex while listening to Bone Thugs N Harmony.

Dion: Be careful she might have a better "golf" stroke than you.  


What does the future hold for the "Romphim"? Will it be acceptable men's fashion? Will we just see it at day parties or will we see known drug dealers wearing them?

Ant P: Honestly the Romphim will last as long as chicks bang dudes who wear them. If women collectively say nah we not fucking with y'all wearing those, this shit ends in a month. Buttttttttt since I know better...sigh

Fresh: Time will only tell. It only takes one influential person to start a bottle war at the club with a romphim on and then it's lit. I pray we never see this day.

Dion: Listen, the day I see dope boys in Rompers I know the lord is calling me home at that very moment.  


What celebrity do you think yould be first to wear a Romphim?

Ant P: Diddy no question. Diddy does shit just cuz he sees us talking about it and then says watch this broke muthafucka. I still wouldn't wear it. But the romphim might bring Sean John back amongst the metros lol.

Fresh: Young Thug and Kanye. At the same concert they don't give a fuck and are two artists who can wear it and sexuality not he questione

Dion: First off, Fresh crazy cuz Thugga and Kanye sexuality been questioned since forever.  Secondly, Young Thug and Kanye don't count since they both wore dresses and "kilts"
Thirdly (yes I said thirdly), I could see Lenny Kravitz wearing a romper and taking everybody's girl.  


What Celebrity do you think would marry a guy who wears a Romphim?

Ant P: HALLE BERRY WAS MY FIRST CHOICE ON LIFE!!! She hasn't been relevant in years and I could see her marrying some obscure as model dude who speaks five English words wearing tha

Fresh: I think Halle Berry would marry a guy who wears a romper because she will pretty much take anything with that trash box.

Dion: Whoever dates Young Joc will marry a guy who wears a romper.  if she not a celebrity my answer will be Zoe Saldana.  Something about her says romper lover to me and she'll insist they match.  


Bonus question: what would it take for you to wear a god damn Romphim?! 

Ant P: Wild horses couldn't drag me to a fucking romper section.

Fresh: A pair of Yeezys and my romphim would have to be Gucci and one of one LOL

Dion: If Keri Hilson asked me to wear a romphim for her, I'm going.  Or a duffle bag with cash in it, no checks.