"Ooh girl don't talk to him, he tried to talk to me the other day!"


I hate the sound of the word. I hate to see it typed out even more! I cringe when I hear a woman ask a guy "didn't you used to talk to Washawnda." Like all he said was good morning to Washawnda! Today we are going to try to iron out this wrinkle of a word.

Talking means being involved with someone on a relationship level period. Casual sex IS NOT talking. Flirting IS NOT talking. I like life in black and white no gray areas, so if I'm asked if I talked to a girl 9 times out of 10 the answer is no. I may have performed her a few times but that does not equal talking. People try to have several definitions of this term but there should only be one.

We are all adults. And this word was used mostly in high school when you were trying to move from a Pom Pom girl to a cheerleader. I hate to see adults use it so frequently now. But Fresh knows who to blame! SOCIAL MEDIA. You can't comment under a girl pic or send more than three tweets to her without her thinkin or somebody else saying "Ooh he tried to talk to her the other day." No he just probably trying to get rode backwards cuz he heard she was cold.

Trying to engage in sexual acts does not count as trying to talk to somebody just mean you were horny TF. I have never in all my years heard a man say "Shaquisha tried to talk me." It's always the women. No women bashing but ladies do better. Stop letting the other territorial chick win so much. The whole I can't talk to you cuz you tried to talk to so and so bit is played out. Live your life sugar. Do a Dino save a life.

With the utmost pride and sincerity,