Things that Ratchet Ass Ant P is Thankful For

During this season of thanksgiving, we sit back and reflect on life and what means the most to us. With that being said, I have a few things that I want to thank the man above for on this day:


1.     I'm thankful for whoever was the first person to think "man if I put nacho cheese and meat on my flaming hots I bet it would be good." We seriously do not thank this person enough. 

2.     I'm thankful for big girls who recognize that they are big and dress appropriately yet sexy. We see you Ma. Your effort doesn't go unnoticed and if you could reach out to your big sisters in Christ who dress like they 100 pounds lighter it would be greatly appreciated. 

3.     I'm thankful that glasses are in style. Now being blind doesn't feel like the cross Jesus wanted me to bear. Could I have used this fashion craze in high school when I was looking like a whole fool? Sure. But better late than sorry lol. 

4.     I'm thankful that Chris Paul has never made it to the conference finals. It's the one thing that keeps my friends mad at me and I love it. I see men defend Chris Paul rep more than they own mothers. It's sickening. Fuck Chris Paul. 

5.     I'm thankful that for some reason I'm the year of our lord 2016, there have been a million memes associated with knuck if you buck. Never let that song die y'all. It is a national treasure. 

6.     I'm thankful that bacon is still on the throne. All shade to my vegan friends and family lol. 

7.     I'm thankful that dark skinned is in as to offset my ugly on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

8.     But what I'm most thankful for? That you all actually take the time to listen to our podcast and read these blogs. After all this time, I am genuinely surprised that I haven't been cussed out yet about anything I've said lol.