"I have exorcised the demons this house is clean"  

On this day I have decided to give up my disdain for women of the fairer skin the light skint she devils so to say. I've been holding on to this evil spirit for almost 20 years but today is the day that I get this evil spirit out of me sorta like an exorcism.

So, it all started the summer of 96 yes Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Six year of our lord! There was this light skinned woman who stole my young heart. I had been digging her since our sixth grade luncheon but I was just a novice in approaching women at the time. She was also a wanted woman by all the nigs who were already selling packs after school. She sent my best friend to me and said "I like Doug silly ass" The beginning of the end.

We were together the whole summer day and night or talking on the phone until the cordless needed a charge! We ended up going to different schools for seventh grade but our love never wavered, well my love. All my homies used to tell me she had other dudes but I wasn't hearing it. I was sprung.

Fast forward a school year we break up to make up like once a week. Then it happened! "We should juice" she said. All we had done was tongue kiss at the park for hours but now......she was ready. She was years older than me I think she failed twice and her birthday was late. I ended up taking her virginity. But then it happened......

She called me and asked me can she go with my brother!!!! Yes, my Fathers child!! I said yes then cried for 36 minutes straight. So ever since then it's been fuck light skinned women and my brother!! LOL! But now that I've shared this with you all I'm ready to move forward in my life I will no longer have this deep down hatred for my light skinned queens!

With the utmost pride and sincerity,